OCJ Kids Debuts ‘Restoring Dignity Room’ for Girls in Foster Care

The Event: Grand Opening of the Restoring Dignity Room

The Cause: OCJ Kids

Event Date: March 3, 2023

Location: OCJ Kids office

Notable Moments: Supporters gathered at the OCJ Kids offices to see the new Restoring Dignity Room, a special place designed to provide a safe space for girls in foster care where they can access new, properly fitting undergarments. Tammie Webb, co-founder of OCJ Kids shared “research tells us that 80 percent of the girls who enter foster care have been sexually abused. They have been made to believe that they are not valued and that they are only property to be used for someone else’s pleasure.” The room offers a fitting guide and the opportunity to choose two new bras and underwear from the room.

Photos courtesy of Kenneth Johnson Photography

Marianne Guinee, Kristi Lee, Veronica Bahn, OCJ Co-Founder Tammie Webb, Karen Millerwise & Jeni Charleston
Laura Daniels & Megan Conrad
Brenda Bartels, Kerri Blumm, Yvonne Knaack with Gale & Eleanor Cynov
Lois Stone & Heather Carter
Volunteer Sharla Hensiek
OCJ President & Co-Founder Gary Webb
Lynda Vescio & Fellow Supporters
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