Qualified Charitable Organizations

Qualified Charitable Organizations

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Cancer Support

Amanda Hope Rainbow Angels

Our mission is to bring dignity and comfort into the harsh world of childhood cancer and other life-threatening diseases.

Amanda Hope Rainbow Angels serves over 2,000 children facing cancer diagnoses (or life-threatening illnesses) and their families each year. Our programs include Major Distractions (Spa Days, Craft Days, Teen Nights, Family Events and more!), adaptive apparel for treatment, financial assistance and FREE counseling. Our team of licensed therapists, coaches and practitioners offer free counseling and wellness sessions at our Comfort and Care Center for patients, siblings and caregivers. Families will never receive a bill for any of our services. Every day, we work to meet the “here and now” needs of our warrior families.


Cancer Support | Tax Code 20854

Arizona Cancer Foundation for Children

The Arizona Cancer Foundation for Children’s mission is to provide social, emotional and financial support to families managing the health and well-being of a child diagnosed with pediatric cancer. 

With over 300 families served each year, Arizona Cancer Foundation for Children provides critical programs supporting children battling cancer and the families that love them. Funds raised directly assist in covering medical expenses, treatment costs and essential support services. ACFC’s programs include financial assistance for families, emotional support through counseling and social support tailored to each family’s needs. The programs provided by ACFC play a vital role in improving the lives of children fighting cancer, easing the burden on their families and offering much-needed assistance during their challenging journey.


Cancer Support | Tax Code 20873

Children’s Cancer Network

Children’s Cancer Network supports children and families throughout their cancer journey with programs designed to provide financial assistance, offer psychosocial support and encourage healthy lifestyles.

Hearing the words, “Your child has cancer,” is devastating. The emotions and experiences throughout cancer treatment and beyond can be complex and life-changing. Some questions and needs would never have been contemplated before this diagnosis. CCN provides gas and food cards, basic needs, adopt-a-family programs, counseling, family-centered support and the Let’s Move Activity Center. Connections, support, physical activity, resources, financial assistance and mindfulness focusing on learning new coping skills can help optimize outcomes. 


Cancer Support | Tax Code 20176

Families Raising Hope

The mission of Families Raising Hope is to assist cancer patients and their families with the financial burden that cancer treatments pose so they can focus on their health, healing and recovery.

The costs associated with cancer treatment can escalate rapidly, placing significant financial strain on patients and their families. From doctor visits and missed workdays to travel, overnight stays and medications, expenses can make it challenging to manage essential living costs like rent or mortgages, car payments, utility bills, groceries and gas. FRH is dedicated to easing the financial burden of cancer treatment for Arizona patients of all ages. We focus on supporting essential living expenses during their treatment journey. By offering assistance with these vital costs, we empower patients to focus on what truly matters: their health, healing and recovery.


Cancer Support | Tax Code 22575

The Joy Bus

The Joy Bus helps relieve the daily struggles of homebound cancer patients by delivering nutritious chef-inspired meals and a friendly face.

The Joy Bus focuses on delivering meals to homebound cancer patients to alleviate their daily struggles with nutritious food and a friendly face. Each year, contributions collected from tax credits go toward funding our meal delivery program. Each meal has an estimated cost of $15, and each contribution allows us to reach even further and even more patients.


Cancer Support | Tax Code 22214

Domestic Violence

Control Alt Delete LLC

Control Alt Delete provides one-time assistance to remove barriers and help people escape domestic violence in their immediate time of need.

Someone you know is being abused right now. The average cost of a Control Alt Delete escape from domestic violence is $21.75. By providing transportation, lodging, essentials & grocery assistance and security items, Control Alt Delete bridges the gap in services, creating a Society of Survivors. Referrals for help come from advocates, and crisis response, including police,fire and prosecutor offices, with an average of 29 escapes a day and the average family unit being a mother with three children and a pet. One hundred percent of your tax credit donation will go directly to helping a survivor escape domestic violence.


Domestic Violence | Tax Code 22198

Jewish Family & Children’s Service

At Jewish Family & Children’s Service, we believe that every person has the right to live without fear, and with the dignity and respect they deserve.

Our Shelter Without Walls program provides crisis and support services for survivors of dating and domestic violence who are not in a shelter but wish to live independently and need assistance to do so safely. Services range from step-by-step safety planning to shelter referrals to support and education groups to lay legal advocacy services. All are welcome, regardless of age, faith or background.


Domestic Violence | Tax Code 20255

A New Leaf

A New Leaf provides lifesaving shelter and support to families experiencing homelessness, domestic violence and other crisis situations. Our mission is “Helping families, changing lives.”

Your generous tax credit donation will provide food, immediate shelter and long-term support to a family experiencing homelessness in your local community. All contributions will be used to serve families at A New Leaf’s life-changing homeless shelters and domestic violence shelters across the Valley. By making a tax credit donation, you will be helping a family to overcome homelessness and find stability. Thank you for your kindness! 


Domestic Violence | Tax Code 20075

Sojourner Center

Sojourner Center’s mission is to overcome the impact of domestic violence, one life at a time.

Domestic violence remains a pervasive issue in Arizona, affecting countless individuals and families across the state. Sojourner Center has evolved into a national leader in its field and serves survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault and human trafficking. Our programs encompass a wide range of vital services, including pet-friendly shelter and safe housing that ensure survivors can escape dangerous situations without leaving their beloved pets behind. Our trauma-informed services and programs are thoughtfully crafted to empower survivors in cultivating resilience and strength, enabling them to establish and sustain lives free from violence.


Domestic Violence | Tax Code 20544

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