Qualified Charitable Organizations

Qualified Charitable Organizations

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Special Needs


Ability360 continues an over 40-year tradition of offering and promoting programs to empower people with disabilities so that they may achieve or continue independent lifestyles within the community.

Programs include independent living classes, peer mentor programs, advocacy, employment programs, life transition support, information and referrals, home modifications, sports, fitness and much more. Your generous tax credit donation empowers us to uphold our commitment to delivering essential programs and services to enhance the lives of people with disabilities within our community, regardless of their financial situation. Thank you for considering Ability360 for your tax credit dollars. Please visit ability360.org to learn more.


Special Needs | Tax Code 20090

Autism Society of Greater Phoenix

The Autism Society of Greater Phoenix’s mission is to create connections, empowering everyone in the autism community with the resources needed to live fully. 

Our vision is to create a world where everyone in the autism community is connected to the support they need, when they need it. We offer programs for children, teens and adults. Each program is designed to support social, communication and job skills. Our BE SAFE Interactive Screenings teach youth how to interact with law enforcement safely. Families are the focus of our training programs like Autism 101, Transition 101 and Safety 101. We offer support groups for caregivers and autistic adults. Our events provide valuable information and give our community a chance to connect and share resources. 


Special Needs | Tax Code 20728

Beacon Group

Beacon Group creates opportunities for people with disabilities, focusing on employment and other vocational activities.

Tax credit contributions and other donations to Beacon Group support the employment efforts of the more than two-thirds of people with disabilities who don’t have a job. Beacon Group serves more than 2,000 people with disabilities each year, and your support allows the individuals we serve to seek the satisfaction and independence that come through employment.


Special Needs | Tax Code 20348

Care 4 the Caregivers

Care 4 the Caregivers aims to reduce caregiver burnout and build the resiliency of caregivers of children with disabilities by providing easy-to-access tools focusing on mindfulness, education and community.

Caregivers are often unseen and unsupported. This leads to high rates of stress, anxiety and depression that culminate in PTSD-like symptoms. Caregivers lose family and friends and are often forced out of the workforce due to the demands of caring for their disabled child. As a result, caregivers live in isolation, and there are few charities that focus on their needs. Our charity focuses on supporting these caregivers with counseling, support groups, parent education classes and community events. Since our establishment three years ago, we have directly served 1,000 families in Arizona and indirectly served thousands with our online resources. 


Special Needs | Tax Code 22358

Civitan Foundation, Inc.

Since 1968, Civitan Foundation, Inc. has focused on enriching the lives of children and adults with developmental disabilities through innovative and person-centered learning experiences that promote self-esteem, self-expression, community integration and independence.

Across Arizona, Civitan Foundation, Inc. provides high-quality programs for our members with IDD, fostering access to quality care, developing life and job skills, participating in creative outlets, and enjoying regular recreation with peers. Your tax credit contributions invest in our dynamic programs, from Camp Civitan to our adult life training to home- and community-based services and employment initiatives with gainful job placement, serving over 750 families in our disability community.


Special Needs | Tax Code 20532

Cortney’s Place

Cortney’s Place is a family-founded nonprofit providing an inclusive, stimulating and meaningful community-based day program for adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities.

Cortney’s Place aims to encourage, support and engage adults with developmental disabilities. Our focus is providing participants with fulfilling opportunities that enable them to live an active, enriched life through a monthly curriculum combining therapies, purposeful classes and community outings. Our year-round programming includes hydrotherapy, healthy cooking, art, science, life skills, adaptive fitness, music therapy and technology learning groups. Our programming gives a foundation for individuals to improve self-esteem, acquire social skills and gain independence. Cortney’s Place provides an environment of safety, inclusion, positivity and support. Your tax credit contribution can be powerful in supporting the amazing work we do at Cortney’s Place.


Special Needs | Tax Code 20130

Gesher Disability Resources

Founded in 1985, Gesher Disability Resources serves children and adults affected by a disability through inclusion assistance in the classroom, resource referral, residential support and social groups.

Tax credit donations to Gesher enhance ALL programs and services the agency offers. Gesher members love being out in the community doing fun things like bowling, swimming and visiting the zoo, all of which become affordable thanks to tax credit dollars. The agency’s education team provided direct services to over 120 students last school year with tax credit dollars subsidizing the fees. Safe, affordable housing is so needed in the disability community that Gesher is exploring expanding its residential program. Serving the disability community is our passion, and through programs and services led by Gesher professionals, we are impacting over 4,000 individuals throughout Arizona each year. 


Special Needs | Tax Code 20748

Miracle League of Arizona

The Miracle League of Arizona’s mission is to provide a safe, fun and successful baseball experience for individuals with special needs.

Miracle League gives an often-isolated population the opportunity to get out and play, be part of a team, and be included in the fun of the game. We remove barriers so everyone can enjoy baseball, regardless of any mental, physical or health-related challenges.


Special Needs | Tax Code 20258

Pawsitive Friendships

Pawsitive Friendships provides goal-orientated animal therapy to individuals within the special needs community.

Pawsitive Friendships was founded in 2014 by Tosha Tharp-Gaitanis, the mother of a son with autism. She discovered she increased his progress by incorporating her French bulldog, Zoe, into her son’s therapy. This model became the inspiration for our 98 percent volunteer-run organization. Our mission is to assist individuals with special needs who are not progressing toward their goals by providing curriculum-based, goal-orientated animal therapy. Your tax dollars help us provide animal therapy to the 1,500 individuals enrolled in our program. 


Special Needs | Tax Code 20861

Power Paws Assistance Dogs, Inc. 

Since 2001, Power Paws has provided trained service dogs for disabled children and adults.

One hundred percent of your tax credit donation will go toward training assistance dogs for disabled children or adults. There is no cure for the children and adults Power Paws serves.


Special Needs | Tax Code 20712


Stars strives to improve the lives of individuals with cognitive and developmental disabilities through day programs, on-site work centers and community-based employment training opportunities.

Individuals with IDD are some of the most joyous people you can find anywhere, and we strive to build life-changing experiences for them that last for decades. STARS CommunityWork program is uniquely positioned to assist those who are eager to participate in the Arizona workforce in an independent employment situation. Our Competitive Integrated Employment works with individuals to develop real-life vocational skills to build confidence and experience the dignity that comes from gainful employment. The Day Training for Adults program encourages participants to express themselves creatively and learn new life skills in the arts and community field trips.


Special Needs | Tax Code 20117

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