A 2nd Act: An Unfinished Journey

Fifteen minutes. Not much time in the scheme of things, yet this timetable set Reyna Montoya’s life trajectory. Montoya was born in Tijuana, Mexico, a mere 15-minute walk from the United States border. Her parents were 18 years old when she was born in a private clinic, with her father saving all his money selling […]

A 2nd Act: From Student to Teacher

How? is something Steve Sanghi often asked that fueled his interest in science, technology and engineering while growing up in small towns in northern India. “Growing up, I had an ugly habit of taking things apart to figure out how they work,” Sanghi explained. Repeatedly answering this question led him to a career managing science […]

A 2nd Act: A Picture’s Worth

When you open the photo album depicting Karen Shell’s life to date, you see images that tell a story of tenacity, drive and resilience. The photos do not emphasize her more than three decades as a successful, award-winning freelance commercial photographer. Instead, they shine light on her support of others and how this mainstay in […]

A 2nd Act: Winning the Cultural Tug-of-War

“Going to my first United National Indian Tribal Youth (UNITY) conference was like going to Disneyland,” said Mary Kim Titla. “It was a magical experience. But just like Disney, that magic is difficult to explain. You can only feel it when you are a part of it.” For Titla, that magic expanded into a passion, […]

A 2nd Act: Artists Known

The tiny sign beside the painting read, “Artist once known.” This was a departure from the typical “Artist Unknown,” when painters’ names are lost. The difference struck Tricia Loscher. “It gave me goosebumps,” she said. “And it made me realize that everyone and everything has a story. So do museum visitors, especially when their personal […]

A 2nd Act: The Beat of a Heart, the Blink of an Eye

A new “view” of life With a wife he adored, a healthy son and daughter, an exhilarating career in banking, and the beautiful Pacific Ocean just a short drive from his Portland home, Chris Rudolph had the perfect life. During the winter of 1991, Rudolph got a chest cold. He was an active, healthy guy […]

A 2nd Act: The Golden Thread

Sam Leyvas has been a man on a mission his entire life. That’s not hard to imagine considering his lovely mother, Helen, taught her only child the value of lending a hand. Whether the need came from their South Phoenix neighbors or a family member, Helen was quick to offer assistance without being asked. Taking […]

A 2nd Act: The Neighborhood House

In 1916, the city of Phoenix ended at the Salt River. But Dwight B. Heard, one of the largest landowners in the Salt River Valley, saw value in the “South Side.” His newspaper, The Arizona Republican (now The Arizona Republic), proudly displayed his real estate ads for one-acre homesites on the south side, near the […]

A 2nd Act: Bond of Brothers

It’s indisputable: Little brothers look up to big brothers. But what Christopher Rodriguez learned from his big brother impacted not only him, but many others along the way. T.J., four years older than Chris, was born with IDD (intellectual and developmental disabilities). Watching his older brother navigate life inspired Chris. “T.J. is my only sibling, and I […]

A 2nd Act: On Point

At some point in time, most little girls are enchanted by ballerinas: the tutus, the toe shoes, the twirls. If those thoughts went through Jami Kozemczak’s mind, they were brief. She wanted to be a marine biologist, although she now admits to being terrified of sharks. A political science degree from Arizona State University would ensure […]