Cover Story: Beene Town

You might know Geoffrey Beene’s name from his men’s shirts or Grey Flannel cologne. What you may not know is that Mr. Beene — as he was known in his lifetime — was also an exquisite craftsman, the maker of visionary haute couture for women, who combined luxury with superb design and comfort. “That is […]

Creating Culture: Hitting the High Notes 

There’s nothing quite like music-festival life. If you’ve attended a multi-day music fest, you understand the magic. Complex and wild, a music festival can feel like an adult’s happiest place on earth. If you aren’t familiar, it is much more than tunes in an outdoor setting. Yes, live music is the sweet spot of festival life; […]

Cheers to Mocktails

A top New Year’s resolution is to lead a healthier lifestyle. For some people, that may include drinking less alcohol or cutting it out altogether. Even if you are alcohol-free, you can enjoy tasty and thoughtful mocktails at various Valley establishments. “There are a number of reasons why someone might choose not to drink alcohol, […]

10 Questions With… Carla Hall

Describe the journey from being a contestant on a reality cooking show to becoming a culinary media star. When I was on “Top Chef,” I did it as a personal challenge. It had nothing to do with television. Almost 15 years later, it is my job to be on television. I lived the journey and […]

The Posh Playground

By Andrea Tyler Evans & Brian Pentek of Luxe Life Travel We may have the desert living thing figured out here in the Valley of the Sun, but there’s another desert destination along the I-10 to enjoy. Whether you’re up for a fun-in-the-sun weekend or a pit stop on a California road trip, Palm Springs […]

Style Unlocked: A Whole Different Animal

You can’t miss the giant black buffalo head hanging outside Buffalo Collection in Old Town Scottsdale, beckoning foot traffic to take a peek. Wood-inlaid turquoise furniture shines in the daylight and Native American rugs and petroglyph paintings on hide hang proudly while the intoxicating aroma of leather fills your nostrils once you inevitably get lulled inside. […]

Office Doors: A Day with Jimmy Thomason

Executive Director of Aunt Rita’s Foundation 5 A.M. >> TWO WAYS OF STARTING THE DAY My day can begin one of two ways — either I wake up early and go to gym class, or I get up at 7 a.m. and rush to get out the door with a bowl of cereal in hand. […]

Bookmarked: Marshall Shore

The Hip Historian Recommends: “Wildcat: The Untold Story of Pearl Hart” by John Boessenecker His Take: “Having worked in libraries from NYC to Phoenix, it should come as no surprise that Marshall Shore, aka the Hip Historian, is surrounded by books and ephemera. I recently finished this account of Hart and her notorious 1899 stagecoach […]

Family Creates an Authentic Experience at Sfizio Modern Italian Kitchen

In Italian, “sfizio” refers to something you don’t need, but want. After being out of the restaurant business for several years, chef Rocco Pezzano didn’t need to open a restaurant but was convinced by his son Marco to open Sfizio Modern Italian Kitchen in north Phoenix in 2021. “After working in restaurants for several years, […]

A Curated Experience at Gastromé

Gastromé opened in Scottsdale in September 2022 with an intentional vision by co-owners Jenny Le andTiffany Chavez.  “This is a place for foodies, created by two women who really love food and are very thoughtful about it,” said Le. “We want to provide a curated experience and educate our customers. We have products that we […]