Cover Story: ‘There Is Power in Positivity’ 

There is a lot to unpack about Sybil Francis, so let’s get the parochial stuff out of the way. She grew up in a bilingual family of academics, speaking French at home and spending summers living with her grandparents outside of Paris. She is an accomplished flutist, a nuclear weapons expert and the wife of […]

Style Unlocked: Sit. Stay. Style

Elevated accessories for our animal friends Hamster House | starting at $36 Etsy Leather Pet Collar | starting at $79 Pottery Barn, several Valley locations Personalized Metal Chicken Coop Sign | starting at $39 Callie Bird Tire | starting at $5.83 Planet Pleasures Reddy Bandana for Cats | $9.99 Petco, several […]

A 2nd Act: An Unfinished Journey

Fifteen minutes. Not much time in the scheme of things, yet this timetable set Reyna Montoya’s life trajectory. Montoya was born in Tijuana, Mexico, a mere 15-minute walk from the United States border. Her parents were 18 years old when she was born in a private clinic, with her father saving all his money selling […]

Behind the Leash: A Day with Heather Allen

Heather Allen is the president & CEO of Helping Animals Live On (HALO) Animal Rescue   7:30 A.M. >> PUPPY LOVE   Veterinary medicine is my love. My little piece is being a doggy doula. I foster about 150 moms and babies per year in my backyard casita, so my day usually begins and ends […]

Bookmarked: Jacob Moore

Jacob Moore is the VP & special advisor to the president on American Indian affairs at Arizona State University Recommends: “Braiding Sweetgrass” by Dr. Robin Wall Kimmerer His Take: “In the book, the author states when land is, ‘just real estate, then restoration looks very different than if land is the source of a subsistence […]

10 Questions With… Giada De Laurentiis

1. You recently opened Luna by Giada at the new Caesars Republic Scottsdale. Why did you decide to be part of the project? Scottsdale is a great market. My cookbooks have always done very well there. Plus, there’s a strong economy with a great restaurant scene, so it felt like a natural fit. It was […]

From the Road: New York State of Mind

Books, film, music and TV have collectively been in a head-over-heels love affair with Long Island for more than a century. It is no wonder, given her stark beauty, sunny personality and charismatic charm during the summer months — especially along the Gold Coast and North Fork regions and on Shelter Island, away from the […]

Office Doors: A Day with Dan Stellar

5:30 A.M. >> RISE, SHINE AND RUN I exercise almost every day. On most mornings during the week, I run four to six miles and then go to the gym. Running is a big part of my life. I’ve been a runner for 25 years, completing four marathons and 30 half marathons. After my exercise […]

Cover Story: Going to the Dogs

There are plenty of reasons why dogs are called “man’s best friend.” They provide companionship and love in an unconditional way. And, like any good friend, they are there when you need them the most. The dogs (and humans) of Gabriel’s Angels take the latter idea to the next level. Founded in 2000, the organization […]

Creating Culture: Drawing on Tradition

Arizona is a one-of-a-kind place. It’s blessed with beautiful weather, awe-inspiring scenery and booming industries. But what makes Arizona truly special is its people and rich culture. In the heart of downtown Phoenix lies an arts organization with a narrative uniquely its own. Xico (pronounced “she-co”) is one of the oldest ethnic arts organizations in […]