Behind the Leash: A Day with Heather Allen

Heather Allen is the president & CEO of Helping Animals Live On (HALO) Animal Rescue   7:30 A.M. >> PUPPY LOVE   Veterinary medicine is my love. My little piece is being a doggy doula. I foster about 150 moms and babies per year in my backyard casita, so my day usually begins and ends […]

Charity Spotlight: ‘With Arouet, I Know I Matter’

Organization: Arouet Leadership: Alison Rapping – CEO | Dana Campbell Saylor – Board Chair Annual Budget: $1.1 million Origin Arouet was founded in 2011 to prepare women for success after they leave prison by providing them with education, employment and life skills. Its CEO, Alison Rapping, came to the organization after helping her brother launch […]

From the Road: Music City Magic

If you’re looking to explore Nashville, there’s more to see and do than just the famous country bar scene on Broadway. Nashville is divided into various neighborhoods, which means there is a lot to discover and explore. The area’s fascinating attractions include a presidential home, the deep roots of Southern music and, of course, good […]

Cover Story: ‘We Love This Community’

Steve and Ardie Evans believe so strongly in this community that they’ve put their time, energy and resources behind it for decades. From their early days at ASU to their remarkable philanthropy today, get to know this powerhouse couple that uses their influence in order to give back. They’ve been married for 57 years Ardie McCrone […]

Creating Culture: Why Not?

As far back as Jules Gissler can remember, she has been an artist.  From day one, she felt it was her calling to create. She recalls making up stories with friends about little people living in their hats. She even DIY’d her own Barbie Dreamhouse. Growing up in Montana, Gissler was often chosen by her […]

Cover Story: Going to the Dogs

There are plenty of reasons why dogs are called “man’s best friend.” They provide companionship and love in an unconditional way. And, like any good friend, they are there when you need them the most. The dogs (and humans) of Gabriel’s Angels take the latter idea to the next level. Founded in 2000, the organization […]

Hot Designer Collab = Cool Looks for the Coyotes

If you are familiar with Doni Nahmias designs, you are likely a follower of uber-cool, emerging luxury fashion, an Arizona Coyotes hockey fan, or both. Or perhaps you stumbled upon the NAHMIAS brand after learning of the young designer’s inspiring story and his will to never give up. Regardless, the NAHMIAS brand and its genesis […]

10 Questions With… Kristina Wong

1. How does a performance artist, comedian and actor become an artist-in-residence at ASU? Well, truth be told, ASU Gammage and I have been dating for a while. Back in 2010, I performed “Wong Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” at the Beyond Series. A few years later, I performed “The Wong Street Journal.” So when […]

Kitchen Doors: A Taste of Europe in Scottsdale

Hera Ambrosio opened Zingara Market to share her background, travels and restaurant experience. She was born in Brazil and grew up in her family’s restaurants in Italy before moving to Arizona, where her family has been in the restaurant business for more than 20 years.  “The restaurant business is my passion,” she said. “I love […]

A 2nd Act: From Student to Teacher

How? is something Steve Sanghi often asked that fueled his interest in science, technology and engineering while growing up in small towns in northern India. “Growing up, I had an ugly habit of taking things apart to figure out how they work,” Sanghi explained. Repeatedly answering this question led him to a career managing science […]