Office Doors: A Day with Dan Stellar

5:30 A.M. >> RISE, SHINE AND RUN I exercise almost every day. On most mornings during the week, I run four to six miles and then go to the gym. Running is a big part of my life. I’ve been a runner for 25 years, completing four marathons and 30 half marathons. After my exercise […]

Office Doors: A Day With Matt Byrnes

Matt Byrnes is the senior Vice President of proprietary brands and sourcing at PetSmart 4:30 A.M.  >>  ME TIME I’m an early riser, and my mornings are my selfish time. I use this time to take care of myself and make sure I’m ready for the day. I start with a cup of coffee while […]

Office Doors: A Day with Jennifer Gage

4:30 A.M. >> THE EARLY RISER GETS THE BIRD I wake up and go to bed early. I quit drinking coffee a couple of years ago and now have my daily Celsius. I like to listen to the birds for about an hour and find it’s a great way to start my day. I use […]

Office Doors: A Day with George Abrams

6:30 A.M. >> PREPARING TO PLAN The start of my day can include a 30-minute walk or drinking coffee while I go through emails and texts in preparation for the arrival of my two associates. We work from my house, and the flow of the 50-to-60-hour workweek for the team is Monday is a catch-up […]

Office Doors: A Day with Jonathan Robles

5 A.M. >> TAKING TIME TO FOCUS I’m an early riser and set aside time in the morning to pray and meditate to get myself focused for the day. Depending on the day and how early my meetings are, I also try to go to the gym for a cardio workout. I check emails before […]

Office Doors: A Day with Debbie Esparza

CEO of YWCA Metropolitan Phoenix 7 A.M. >> SLOW, STEADY & INTENTIONAL I have made an effort to start my day more slowly. At this stage of my life, I’m trying to be intentional, so I don’t jump out of bed and zoom around the house. I wake up slowly and greet the day. My […]

Office Doors: A Day with Jeffrey Barton

City manager of the City of Phoenix 5 A.M. >> MORNING MENTAL PREP I get up early and pray before I get my day going. I then tool around the house to mentally prepare to manage my day. I use this time to either finish reading or work out. I’m a financial guy and used […]

Office Doors: A Day with Jimmy Thomason

Executive Director of Aunt Rita’s Foundation 5 A.M. >> TWO WAYS OF STARTING THE DAY My day can begin one of two ways — either I wake up early and go to gym class, or I get up at 7 a.m. and rush to get out the door with a bowl of cereal in hand. […]

Office Doors: A Day with Taryn Norley

5:45 A.M. >>PRECIOUS MORNINGS My 5 year old is in Kindergarten, so I wake up and get myself ready before waking him. I make breakfast, pack lunches for both of us, and then drop him off at school because my husband goes to work much earlier. I love that I get the opportunity to walk […]

Office Doors: A Day with Emily Early, PhD

6 A.M. >> FOLLOWING PATTERNS OF THE SUN I’m both fortunate and unfortunate that I rarely set an alarm because I have two girls, ages 3 and 5, who wake up as soon as sunlight comes anywhere in their bedroom. They come into our bed to give us snuggles, and when they’ve had enough of […]