Office Doors: A Day with Taryn Norley

5:45 A.M. >>PRECIOUS MORNINGS My 5 year old is in Kindergarten, so I wake up and get myself ready before waking him. I make breakfast, pack lunches for both of us, and then drop him off at school because my husband goes to work much earlier. I love that I get the opportunity to walk […]

Office Doors: A Day with Emily Early, PhD

6 A.M. >> FOLLOWING PATTERNS OF THE SUN I’m both fortunate and unfortunate that I rarely set an alarm because I have two girls, ages 3 and 5, who wake up as soon as sunlight comes anywhere in their bedroom. They come into our bed to give us snuggles, and when they’ve had enough of […]

Office Doors: A Day with Tricia Schafer

Founding attorney at Vitality Law PLLC 5 A.M. >> FOCUSING ON TWO C’S: CREATIVITY + CONNECTIVITYMorning tends to be my highest level of creative productivity. I walk around the house, open the curtains and have my coffee. I have notepads in my bedroom, kitchen and on my desk and often have creative ideas about whatever […]

A Day With Jeri Royce

President and CEO, Esperança 7:30 A.M. >> THE RHYTHM OF A DAY On my way downstairs every morning, I get attacked in a friendly way by my three dogs. I am the “treat lady,” and they know a treat is in store when I get up. I start my coffee, get their treats and contemplate […]

A Day With Dr. Kris Volcheck

CEO + Founder, Brighter Way Institute 5 A.M. >> A MORNING’S TRANSFORMATION I wake up early because I am not a morning person. While that sounds counterintuitive, I spend an hour by myself reading, so no one has to interact with me when I’m in a morning mood. This spares everyone around me — my […]

A Day With Christine Kajikawa Wilkinson

President + CEO of Arizona State University Alumni Association, SVP + Secretary of Arizona State University and Managing Director of Arizona State University Trustees 5:15 a.m. >> MOVEMENT IS THE NORM   Six days a week, I exercise, whether it’s jogging or on a stationary bike. It helps my day get started and is the […]

Office Doors: A Day With Carrie Collins-Fadell

CEO of Brain Injury Alliance of Arizona 7 a.m. >> ONE WITH NATURE I love to spend time in the morning in my backyard. One of the relaxing activities I do is spend time on my cactus collection. I have 90 varieties of cacti and none of them was purchased. They were all grown from […]

Office Doors: A Day With Julio-César Sauceda

8 A.M. >> A HUMAN PRODUCTION I have two dogs, Bubulubu and Si-Si, so I take care of them in the morning. Following that, the theater staff has a quick, 20-minute meeting designed as a check-in. During COVID, it was difficult to maintain our focus on transparency and inclusivity among our multigenerational staff and stay […]

Office Doors: A Day with Christina Spicer

5 a.m. >> THE UNIFORM WITH INTERCHANGEABLE HATS I am an early riser and love mornings as that is my space and time. I have three friends I walk with some mornings as I have found it is a great way during these times to focus on friendship and fill the “love cup” while still […]

Office Doors: A Day with Jeff Meshey

4 a.m.  >>  INVESTING IN PERSONAL WELL-BEING  The first thing I do every morning is my daily devotionals, immediately followed by exercise. Fortunately, my wife and I have an exercise gym in our basement, including two bikes, a treadmill and an elliptical. I ride eight miles on the exercise bike almost every day. It’s just […]