notMYkid Fall Breakfast Raises Awareness About Youth Mental Health

The Event: Fall Breakfast

The Cause: notMYkid

Event Date: November 10, 2022

Location: Omni Montelucia Resort

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Anna Lembke

Presenting Sponsor: Meadows Behavioral Health

Inspiring Philanthropist Award Recipient: Michael Golding, MD

Notable Moment: Attendees were captivated by Dr. Anna Lembke’s speech in which she took concepts from her book, “Dopamine Nation” and connected it to a real-life example of a patient of hers. Dr. Lembke articulated advanced psychological concepts in bite-sized, and easy-to-understand language and anecdotes, bringing a better understanding of mental health to attendees. 

Photos courtesy of Build Epic

Jennifer Smith, Theresa Kleinlein, Kelley Carter, Lisa Henry Holmes, Natalie Fischer, Tina Huber, Christy Infantino, Susan Pack, Narda Quagliata, Laurie Fielder & Carrie Ummel
Dr. Anna Lembke
Meadows Behavioral Healthcare Team Members
Sarah Grado, Ohad Lowenstein & Dustin Gill
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