Quick Bites: Refreshing and Unique Summer Treats

We all scream for ice cream, but when you are craving something different during the sizzling summer, there is a wide variety of refreshing and unique treats.

Paletas Betty

A popular Mexican frozen treat, paletas are made with fresh fruit or a creamy base. One of the most popular places for paletas in the Valley is the award-winning Paletas Betty in downtown Chandler. The shop is named for the owner, who is from Michoacán, where paletas originated in the 1940s. She uses her grandmother’s recipes with flavors like mango with chile, watermelon with mint, blueberry, peach and chocolate. Paletas Betty also sells raspados, Mexican shaved ice with chunks of fresh fruit.          

Located at Rise Uptown Hotel in Phoenix, Pop Stand offers fruit paletas in flavors like Hawaiian Punch and coconut lime, cream-based paletas including horchata and caramel apple, and boozy paletas such as prosecco punch and piña colada, perfect for relaxing by the pool.

Pop Stand

Taiyaki is a Japanese fish-shaped cake, commonly filled with red bean paste, custard or chocolate. In North Scottsdale, Dessert in Desert offers fish cones with a choice of fillings, flavors and toppings, including Nutella, matcha, taro and mochi. They also offer a Korean shaved ice dessert with condensed milk and toppings, including Oreo, mango and blueberry cheesecake.

With locations in Chandler and H Mart in Mesa, Snowtime also offers fish cones and Korean snow desserts in a wide variety of flavors, from fresh fruit and matcha to tiramisu and black sesame.   


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