‘Power of the Purse’ Gathering Unites Women in Support of Jewish Philanthropy

The Event: Power of the Purse

The Cause: Center for Jewish Philanthropy of Greater Phoenix (CJP)

Event Date: October 26, 2022

Location: Private Residence in Paradise Valley

Keynote Speaker: Amy Hirschberg Lederman

Notable Moments:  The event was presented by the Women IN Philanthropy initiative of the CJP. The organization represents the integration of the Jewish Community Foundation of Greater Phoenix and the Jewish Federation of Greater Phoenix, inspiring philanthropy throughout metro Phoenix and supporting local Jewish life in our community.

Photos courtesy of Center for Jewish Philanthropy of Greater Phoenix

Danielle Gross, Rachel Hoffer, Alison Betts, Leah Mondlick & Francine Coles
Ellen Weiss, Rachel Finkel, Cayla Kay & Jacqueline Kay
Judy Ackerman, Sandy Rife & Shari Kanefsky
Leah Bold Mondlick 
Keynote Speaker Amy Hirshberg Lederman
Chi Isiogu, Mollie Mahler, Ely Benhamo, Tamera Schoen and Sivan Levine (Top Row) | BethEl Nager, Taylor Silverman & Jessielyn Hirschl (Bottom Row)

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