Rainbow Ryders Donates Flights to Pediatric Cancer Patients and Families

Rainbow Ryders, the largest hot air balloon company in the Southwest, recently donated rides to five families impacted by pediatric cancer in collaboration with Arizona Cancer Foundation for Children.

On June 5, National Hot Air Balloon Day, the participating families arrived at Rainbow Ryders’ Glendale location at dusk to experience a sunrise view from the sky.

“We pride ourselves on a personal touch with the families we serve. Just like knowing which families would love tickets to an art or sporting event, having a strong sense of the population we serve is critical. We knew this would be a once-in-a-lifetime experience,” said Stephanie Pham, ACFC’s program director.

The participants included a child losing their eyesight to cancer, one who loves aviation and one who wanted to check a hot air balloon ride off their bucket list.

The other two families selected recently lost their loved ones to cancer. “We hoped to connect those grieving moms for a cathartic experience to be among the clouds and feel closer to their warriors, albeit for a brief moment,” said Pham.

After the early-morning flight, the families enjoyed a complimentary breakfast at Hash Kitchen’s Park West location in Peoria.

For 10 years, Arizona Cancer Foundation for Children has provided financial, emotional and social support to families affected by pediatric cancer. Since its inception, ACFC has served over 10,000 individuals statewide.

For more behind this Frontdoor, visit azcancerfoundation.org and rainbowryders.com.

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