Pro Tip of the Month: Replace Stigma with Love, Compassion and Kindness

This month’s tip comes courtesy of Dr. Shar Najafi-Piper, the CEO of Copa Health.

“Incorporating good mental health practices doesn’t have to mean waiting until a significant life stressor occurs before seeking assistance. Our brains must be exercised in the same way as our bodies. Stress and anxiety can also have major negative implications on the body if left untreated. This year, take time to reflect, practice gratitude and let go of traditional mental health stigmas that focus on a distinct small group of people needing mental health services. Lastly, seek assistance when you need it. We can only evolve as a society if we unfasten myths and replace stigma with love, compassion and kindness. Copa Health is standing by.”

Copa Health is dedicated to changing the lives of those with developmental, intellectual or behavioral challenges. For more behind this Frontdoor, visit

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