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Coming into its 55th season like a lion, the Arizona Theatre Company is bringing Benjamin Scheuer’s one-man folk musical, “The Lion,” to the Herberger Theater Center in downtown Phoenix this month. Recently celebrated by audiences in London over the summer, the autobiographical story of “The Lion” centers around survival, redemption and, ultimately, courage.

Currently wrapping up its Arizona debut in Tucson, the musical is ATC’s first London co-production in more than two decades. “The Lion” stars Max Alexander-Taylor in the lead role of Ben, with a supporting cast of six guitars. The approximately 70-minute production runs the gamut of emotion played out in song, monologue and guitar. Ben draws in the audience while telling an inspiring story about finding his true voice while grappling with familial relationships and uncertainty about his future. Pro tip: Don’t forget the tissue.

Written by American songwriter Benjamin Scheuer, the play was originally performed in the off-Broadway production in 2015, with a national tour ensuing after that. The current production is the first revival of Scheuer’s award-winning autobiographical show featuring Alexander-Taylor in the role of Ben. Kasser Family Artistic Director Sean Daniels directs “The Lion” alongside Alex Stenhouse. Daniels originally directed the musical in 2015.

The musical’s Phoenix debut, presented by ATC, begins Oct. 20 and runs through Nov. 6 at the Herberger Theater Center in downtown Phoenix. Ticket prices starts at $25 and can be purchased through ATC.org

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