Fearless Kitty Rescue Named Fountain Hills Nonprofit of the Year

Fearless Kitty Rescue, a shelter dedicated to providing cats a safe place to stay until they find permanent homes, was named the Fountain Hills nonprofit of the year at the 50th Anniversary gala for the Fountain Hills Chamber of Commerce in May.

“Fearless Kitty Rescue is very proud to accept this award on behalf of our donors and volunteers. We cannot accomplish what we do without the dedication of our volunteers and the generosity of our individual and corporate donors,” said Steve Hedden, president and CEO of Fearless Kitty Rescue.

2024 has been a big year for the organization so far. The award comes shortly after Fearless Kitty took in its 3,000threscue, a black kitten named Archer, who was adopted in June. The organization also introduced its Silver Whiskers program in February, which is dedicated to serving cats aged 7 or more, offering special adoption packages and free adoptions for adopters over 60. Other aspects of the program cover general veterinary care and funding for dental procedures for senior cats.

Fearless Kitty’s volunteer coordinator, Jennifer Schaeffer, said about the Silver Whiskers program, “We have had so many success stories with this effort. From a 15-year-old Calico whose ‘new parents’ literally saved her life to an 8-year-old kitty adopted with a kitten.”

In addition to rescuing cats, Fearless Kitty also serves as a resource to pet owners by providing education and information on responsible pet ownership, including the importance of spaying and neutering, positive behavior training and good nutrition.

For more behind this Frontdoor, visit fearlesskittyrescue.org.

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