Pro Tip of the Month: ‘Level Up’ with Becky Jackson

“Is your nonprofit ready to go to the next level? “Sometimes a fresh set of eyes and an independent assessment will open that opportunity. A nonprofit Pivot Assessment is a customized tool that will identify the gaps and tell you and your team where your organization is right now. “Once the gaps are identified, through […]

A 2nd Act: Painted Perspective

Melissa Rupoli-Katz didn’t know the title but was immediately drawn to a painting at the inaugural “Hues for Hope” fundraiser. It wasn’t her typical taste in art, being what she describes as Jackson Pollock-like splatters of vibrant colors, but she instantly felt a connection. The painting is the first piece of art guests see when […]

From the Road: Summer in San Diego

Enjoy new experiences in 2022 San Diego is a quintessential travel destination on the West Coast. With beautiful beaches and stunning architecture, the city is well known for its historic landmarks and fan-favorite travel experiences. But even for the seasoned traveler, there’s always something new to enjoy. Take a look at some of the new […]

Office Doors: A Day with Tricia Schafer

Founding attorney at Vitality Law PLLC 5 A.M. >> FOCUSING ON TWO C’S: CREATIVITY + CONNECTIVITYMorning tends to be my highest level of creative productivity. I walk around the house, open the curtains and have my coffee. I have notepads in my bedroom, kitchen and on my desk and often have creative ideas about whatever […]

Next Doors: A Splash of Hope

Cloud Covered Streets Provides a Ray of Sunshine for People Experiencing Homelessness Robert Thornton grew up wanting to be a baseball player, but thanks to injury, his dream didn’t pan out. So he ended up, as he puts it, “stuck in a rut for about seven to 10 years, just bartending and thinking, ‘This isn’t […]

10 Questions With…Sandy Magruder

Philanthropist and community champion Your family is well known for giving. Why is giving back so important to you?We have been very blessed and feel that “to whom much is given, much should be required.” Do you have a favorite memory of family philanthropy?The year I agreed to chair the Heart Ball, I asked my daughters […]

Creating Culture: School’s Out for Summer

Local museums offer cool, cultural fun for kids Summertime, and the living is easy. That is, until the novelty of activity-free bliss morphs into, “Mom, I’m bored!” And there it is, the familiar seasonal battle cry that turns up the heat for parents. Warning — it’s time to scramble and find something for the kids […]

Kitchen Doors: Cala in Scottsdale, Spinato’s Pizzeria & a Sugar Explosion

New in Town – Cala Brings Mediterranean Vibe to Scottsdale Celebrity chef Beau MacMillan and culinary talent Peter McQuaid open a new hot spot When one of Arizona’s most notable chefs opens a new restaurant, there is a lot of excitement. Chef Beau MacMillan, who has been at Sanctuary Camelback Mountain for more than two […]

Style Unlocked: Walk in Style

Valley luxury shoe designer creates chic yet comfortable heels For centuries women have sacrificed comfort for fashion — suffering silently in suffocating corsets, skinny jeans and stylish shoes either too high, too tight or both. Phoenician Evelyn Schickling spent the greater part of her career in finance wearing painful pumps because the typical comfort shoe […]

Cover Story: Zest for Life

Amanda Garmany talks family, heart health and the power of puzzles A puzzle sits on the dining room table in Amanda Garmany’s Paradise Valley home. One thousand pieces are waiting to transform into a New England village scene from the 1700s. “I love puzzles,” Garmany said. “My mother has done them my entire life. I […]