Meet Your Maker: Jewel Ya

Our “Meet Your Maker” series spotlights the stories behind groundbreaking creators in our community. This installment features Julia Winter, the founder and designer of Jewel Ya. Celebrating 20 years as a local jeweler who wears her heart on her sleeve — necklaces, bracelets, rings and more — Julia Winter is revered in the Valley as […]

Meet Your Maker: Pax Philomena 

Our new “Meet Your Maker” series spotlights the stories behind groundbreaking creators in our community. This installment features local luxury designer Jean Marie Clarke of Pax Philomena. Taught by the best, Phoenix-based fashion designer Jean Marie Clarke learned the art of tailoring and sewing from her mother. At the age of 7, the Pax Philomena […]

Shine On

“Jewelry is like the perfect spice — it complements what’s already there” – Diane von Furstenberg Dating back to approximately 400 B.C., jewelry is embedded in our culture. From the rarest gems to man-made beads, personal symbols have long expressed feelings, status and affiliation like no other wearable design element. Although trends may shift through […]

10 Questions with Dave Koz

1. Your career spans three decades and includes many achievements. Which of those high notes are you most proud of? I feel blessed to have had so many incredible, pinch-me moments in my 30+ year career. There was one moment when I had the chance to introduce the President of the United States to my […]

Arizona is Always a Good Idea

Arizona is remarkable. Teeming with gems from border to border, the 48th state’s landscape and offerings are plentiful — beauty diversity, climate, flora and fauna — it’s all here. With careful planning and an adventurous mindset, day-tripping your way through the dog days of summer could make for an epic bucket list. We pulled together […]

Save the Drama for the Stage

“It’s showtime, folks!” Who spoke those famous words? If you are an avid performing arts fan, you may be raising your jazz hand(s) high, proclaiming, “It’s Joe Gideon in ‘All That Jazz!’” Which means you know your theater, and we are likely kindred spirits salivating over the myriad of live shows in the Valley. From […]

Treat Her Right

Mom, Madre, Matka, Ibu, Mère, Mama — any way you say it, there is no other like a mother. And though time together is usually all a mama needs, thoughtful gifts never hurt. Now is the time to start thinking about the one who carries the nurturing title with pride, love and joy. Mother’s Day […]

Choose. Wear. Return.

They say variety is the spice of life. A beautiful adage, which one may apply to many areas of life, such as the culinary world (tarragon, anyone?) to relationships (no judgment, of course). Yet, for some — say, a certain lifestyle editor — variety immediately conjures up visions of racks upon racks, as in, bring […]

Spring Into Sneakers

It didn’t exactly sneak up on us. Fashion sneakers allegedly came on the scene in the 1920s, when Chuck Taylor, a semi-pro basketball player and salesman, became the face of the first celebrity-endorsed athletic shoe. You may recognize the brand today as Converse All-Star (aka Chuck Taylors), the uber-cool fashion shoe that is said to have inspired […]

À Votre Santé

Wellness isn’t for the faint of heart. From traditional gyms to healing practices, the wellness market is teeming with endless options to help us live our best lives. Recently, companies offering a mix of unconventional health modalities have surfaced, providing health groupies with additional experiences focused on prevention, preservation, recovery and anti-aging. We rounded up three unique businesses passionate […]