Valley of the Sun YMCA — Where Goodness Belongs

“These were adults that made me believe in me.”

Celebrating 100 years of service in the Arizona community, Valley of the Sun YMCA is an integral part of the quality of life in the desert. FrontdoorsTV host Carey Peña discusses the community centered programs at the Y including their mission to provide affordable quality childcare. Attributing YMCA staff to her success, Jenna Cooper, VP of Government and Community Relations, knows first-hand the profound impact of having a place to belong. Jenna provides insight into the Youth & Government program, early education preschool and the innovative ways the Y adapts to what the community needs it to be. Serving over 100,000 families in 15 communities, the Valley of the Sun YMCA promotes healthy living for all ages.

Filmed at the Center for Positive Media

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