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If you’ve hit the road or flown recently, you know that the world is on the move again and vacation season is in full throttle. From day-tripping to cruising, preparing for vacay is a crucial first step to making successful holiday memories. Let’s unpack some options to help you get from here to there with ease.

Ricardo 2-Piece Hard Side Luggage Set

Giving Amazon vibes, Costco Wholesale seems to have it all. Yes, it takes some effort to order ahead (no Prime delivery here) or visit your neighborhood big-box store; however, if you’re in need of a plethora of sturdy pieces that won’t chip away at the vacation budget, Costco’s Ricardo Hardside Luggage Set is for you. For $164.99, you get two modern-looking suitcases: carry-on and large check-in size. The sets come in gray or blue and include luxury brand features such as a hard exterior shell, 360-degree rolling wheels, USB port, anti-microbial technology, compression panels and more. Purchasing a few sets is highly advised, as this tried-and-true product will keep you and your precious items covered for years to come.

BÉIS The Carry-On Roller

Co-founded by actress Shay Mitchell in 2018, BÉIS coins itself as a travel brand that checks both style and affordability boxes. The collection began popping up on Insta years ago and has been steadily increasing in popularity since. Making beige look selfie-ready since the company’s inception, BÉIS’s neutral and atypical product palate translates into hip, young and going places. With plenty of options to choose from, the hard-sided carry-on suitcase is a well-liked choice at $218, with unique interior touches for the win. Interesting features include easy-to-spot-clean lining and vegan trim, while four-point compression straps keep items from shifting. The understated exterior design of the carry-on is lovely, but be sure to check airline carry-on size restrictions with a fully extended handle. Not all are “wheels-up,” depending on airline rules.

Louis Vuitton Horizon Soft Duffle 55

The ultimate in ooh-la-la travel, Louis Vuitton’s Horizon Soft 55 rolling duffle bag is sophisticated and, dare we say, practical? Sure, it is pricey at nearly $3,000, but its smart design includes a totally flat interior, a one-hand lock open/closure mechanism and a perfect size for carrying on board. Ergonomic and suitable for male or female jet-setters, the monogram canvas case has bragging rights as it was made in partnership with Marc Newson, an influential industrial designer.

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