Fashion and Compassion at Sunshine Acres Furniture & More

Sunshine Acres Furniture & More is a Valley treasure. Featuring an incredible array of ready-to-wear vintage items and gently loved essentials at a fraction of retail cost, the organization’s stores are all in for the nonprofit’s mission: caring for children in need.

With three locations in the East Valley, the retail stores provide support for Sunshine Acres Children’s Home, known as the “Miracle in the Desert.” Nearly 60 years ago, a Valley couple founded the organization to give children a safe place to live — regardless of the reason.

Offering stability, faith and hope for more than 2,000 children since its inception, the organization focuses on children in need before state care comes into play. Children experiencing homelessness, ill caretakers, family financial challenges, incarcerated parents — whatever the situation, Sunshine Acres Children’s Home is an option.

Financial donations alongside the retail business help make the care of children in need a reality. As a frequent visitor to the thrift stores, I have personally discovered a few of my most prized vintage items at Sunshine Acres. (Hello, faux-fur leopard coat I fondly named Fifi. But I digress.) Wall-to-wall treasures abound, including furniture, name-brand items, one-of-a-kind collectibles, antiques, unique artwork, decorations, patio décor and so much more. Prices are exceptional and sale days add an additional reason to visit.

Donating is easy with drive-thru drop-off and donation pickup offered by the organization. Volunteering at Sunshine Acres Stores is also as rewarding as finding a hidden gem. Many visitors find purpose and community serving the nonprofit and its stores. Fashion, compassion AND purpose. A true treasure trove in many ways.

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