Falling for Our Favorite Season

We aren’t including pumpkin spice (over it), but we have rounded up some items that are certainly nice! Who’s ready for cooler evening temps that linger longer? We certainly are, and cozy weather calls for equally cozy spaces. We’ve got you covered in a lifestyle round-up of top picks for home decor that declare, “It’s fall, y’all!”

It’s Lit
They (generally) smell pleasant, set the mood, come in a variety of sizes and look lovely. Yes, a candle is a perfect addition to any autumnal decor scene. A favorite is a bright light in our nonprofit-focused world as a portion of profits from each candle sold by Koko’s Candles is donated to the Children’s Heart Foundation.

Well known for her yummy, 100-percent soy, clean-burning creations, Janeen Kokodynski started her company to honor her infant son, Matthew, who passed away due to a congenital heart defect in 2005. Each candle includes a small pewter heart that can be retrieved and saved, serving as a reminder of love and a keepsake significant to Matthew’s family. With a variety of scents to choose from, Koko’s Pumpkin Harvest Candle is our current crush.

Reasonably priced, the candle burns for 40-75 hours, depending on size. For more potential fall feels, shop Koko’s collection, and be sure to read up on how to repurpose the pretty glass vessels in the FAQs.

Stay a While
Nothing says comfort (to moi) like that wrapped-up, content-to-lie-here-for-hours feeling more than a luscious blanket. Pro-tip, it is one of my favorite gifts to give because blankets, (again, to moi) are like hugs on repeat. When my kids were tiny enough to hold, I savored every hand-me-down and gifted blankie and still can’t part with any of them, to my husband’s dismay. (With three kids, that’s a lot of keepsake bins.) Eliciting feelings that make us appreciate the little things and enjoy the slower moments of life, blankets are a top pick for our fall list. Two of our top cuddling suggestions include:

A Sherpa Fleece Banket for approximately $25, this well-priced Amazon option is a no-brainer. Perfect for a couch or as an accent in a bedroom, it’s sized right and comes in different fall-ish colors. Bonus, Prime delivery makes for nearly instant gratification for free. Yippee!

This Alpaca Boulcé Weave Throw is more of a splurge, but worth it (personal cuddle experience here). Restoration Hardware’s gorgeous, handcrafted, oversized throw for $299 (non-member-price) is made in the Peruvian highlands from alpaca and sheep’s wool and comes in a variety of colors. It loudly states, “I like my comfort with a dash of style.”

Welcome, New Season
As they say, first impressions are everything. When it comes to style/decor, I prefer first impressions to set the tone. And a warm, welcoming tone is one I like to elicit when seasonally changing up home accessories. Wreaths are as easy as it gets when looking to add a splash of fall, or any season these days. From evergreen, (traditional holiday wreath) to decorative, adding a wreath to a door, wall, fireplace, etc., is a solid choice, and style options seem limitless. We’ve gathered a few on the safe side for fall accessorizing. We’ll save the cat-themed wreaths for a later date.

Berry Wreath
Simple, textured and moderately priced, this Magnolia stunner is a CHIP off the old block. Adorned with faux fall berries, the mix of modern and traditional elements is well done, and for $64, this 28-inch wreath is one not to miss.

Outdoor Pumpkin Wreath
Another Amazon go-to, this pumpkin wreath is as cute as they come. As a “best seller,” the 20-inch outdoor plastic wreath serves up autumn colors and vibes with its mix of berries, pumpkins and pretty leaves. It’s priced so nice, why not buy it twice? It’s $20 before tax and delivery, as this one is not a Prime purchase, but it’s still worthy of a “buy now” click.

Happy shopping, y’all!

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