Mental Health for Youth the Focus of ‘Shatter the Stigma’ Gala for Kid in the Corner

The Event: Shatter the Stigma Gala

The Cause: Kid in the Corner

Event Date: February 25, 2023

Location: Legacy Ballroom

Honorees: Dana Herzberg, Educator of the Year | Debbie Popiel, Volunteer of the Year

Co-Chairs: Francine Sumner & Kathy Hoffman

Dollars Raised: $50,000 

Entertainment: Music by Dwight Linn & Malcolm Loeb and ventriloquist Chuck Field 

Emcee: Brittany Moore

Caterer: Magic Touch Catering

Notable Moments: This is the second year of the ‘Shatter the Stigma’ gala for Kid in the Corner to raise valuable resources for youth mental health support and suicide prevention programs. The organization announced their reach of over 3,300 youth last year as they work to improve connectedness and resilience as well as promoted their “Penny Pledge” vow as a way to prompt students to take better care of themselves and others.

Photos courtesy of Lauren Laspisa 

Kathy Hoffman, Francine Sumner & Brittany Moore
Dwight Linn & Malcolm Loeb
Chuck Field & Ziggy
Volunteers Zaley Workman, Jacob Sumner, Adi Lott & Jeff Tenney
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