Larry Fitzgerald Foundation Hosts ‘Fitz’s Supper Club’ and Raises $1M

The Event: Fitz’s Supper Club

The Cause: The Larry Fitzgerald Foundation

Event Date: May 8, 2023

Location: Dominick’s Steakhouse 

Diamond Sponsor: Bell Bank

Dollars Raised: $1M

Entertainment: Violinist John Uzodinma II & mentalist Rmax Goodwin

Emcee: Dave Price

Auctioneer: Letitia Frye

Caterer: Chef Antonio Benavidez of Dominick’s Steakhouse

Notable Moments: The 13th annual sold-out event featured inspiring speeches, an exciting live auction and delicious food. “We are overwhelmed by the incredible generosity,” said Danielle Frost, executive director of The Larry Fitzgerald Foundation. “This event was a true representation of the dedication and commitment of a beautiful community of givers, and we are so grateful for their incredible support. We look forward to continuing our mission with renewed energy, optimism and enthusiasm.”

Photos courtesy of The Larry Fitzgerald Foundation

David DeWalt, Sabrina Sirianni & Larry Fitzgerald Jr.
Brandon Hamilton & Chelsey Davis
Larry Fitzgerald Jr. & Larry Fitzgerald Foundation executive director Danielle Frost
Faith Coleman & Amanda Covarrubias
John Uzodinma II
Ammala Rattanamongkhon, Emily Crosby, Danielle Frost & Angela McCoy
David Kaufman
Rhonda Jorgensen, Keri Keller, Alicia Fitzpatrick, Brian & Kristy Jozwiak, Jaime Parker, Brandon Hamilton, Chelsey Davis, Angela & Nicoli Menninger, Anissa Sternard & Sam Erdmann

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