Hearts and Hope Overflow at Annual Ryan House Community Breakfast

Ryan House hosted its annual Community Breakfast on March 7, 2024, at the JW Marriott Camelback Inn. Funds from this event support Ryan House’s programs for families with children facing life-limiting or end-of-life journeys.  

Gold Sponsors: Cheryl Hintzen-Gaines & Ira Gaines | Fore the Kids | Hospice of the Valley

Event Co-Chairs: Christina Andrews & Lisa Swanson

Emcees: Lindsey Smith & Tracy Leonard-Warner

Dollars Raised: $225,000

Notable Moments: Breakfast attendees learned about the impact that Ryan House made on two special families: the Garcias and the McMullins. Kaylee Garcia was born with CHARGE syndrome, a disorder that affects many areas of the body. The family would later be referred to Ryan House, which provides respite care and give Kaylee’s parents a break from caregiving. Ryan House parents Chris and Lauren McMullin also shared their Ryan House journey with their son, William, who was diagnosed with a terminal brain tumor. The couple shared how Ryan House supported their whole family through William’s end-of-life journey and how they remain active supporters of the organization today. Once again, the heartfelt stories told from stage depicted what incredible support Ryan House provides to families in need of support during such difficult times. 

Photos courtesy of Lori Krenzen Photography

Chris & Lauren McMullin
Kaylee Garcia with Tracy Leonard-Warner
Holly & Jonathan Cottor with Pam Giesie and Karena Fisher
Christi Garcia, Shawna Dye & Heidi Goitia
Austin Schwartz, Michael Diamond & Brian Zurek
Baylee Zurek & Brenna Bernick
Cindy Palmer, Brooke Fry, Jacquie LeMarr & Elizabeth Woods
Michael Harris & Max Dembow
Niki & Christine Jorgensen
Charles Thorpe, Ashley Crowell, Yvette Bro & Emily Bro
Harmony Nelson, Ashley Mastey & Jenna Joyce
Erica Anderson & Natalie Ross
Mattie & Jon Andersen
Juliet Klepec, Josie Anderson & Brittnie Edwards
Lisa Huff, Kellan Crowell & Enedine Perea
Rachel Solomon & Carla Sutter
Nicki Federman, Jo Polk & Lauren Kuhman
Mary Phipps, Julie Writz & Maureen Walz
Emcees Tracy Leonard-Warner, Ryan House executive director, & Lindsey Smith
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