‘Explosion of a Dream’ Event Grants Scholarships for Aspiring Physicians

The Event: Explosion of a Dream 2022 Annual Scholarship Event

The Cause: ElevateMeD

Event Date: September 24, 2022

Location: The Scott Resort & Spa

Breaking Barriers Award Recipient: Dr. Wayne Franklin

White Coat Sponsors: Mayo Clinic & University of Arizona College of Medicine 

Dollars Raised: $300,000+

Entertainment: Vaughn Willis & Ear Candy

Host: Dr. Bert Vargas

Auctioneer: Subyn Novelle

Notable Moment: Keynote speaker, Dr. Kalonji Cole’s speech garnered a standing ovation from attendees. “I crossed my fingers that I would get accepted to be a part of ElevateMeD… and I was elated when I did,” shared Cole during his address. “To be honest, I knew it would come with money… but that was really just the tip of the iceberg. I had no idea what was in store. Through ElevateMeD, I was immersed in an amazing community and I met with mentors and professionals in everything from financial wellness to professionalism. This was key going into my sub-internships, into my application season, and of course my interviews. ElevateMeD truly made my dreams come true…and when our dreams come true, lives are saved!”

Photos courtesy of Omari Dickens Photography & TheSocialPhotog

ElevateMeD Scholars Dr. Aaron Bia & Dr. Caylan Bookman | TheSocialPhotog
Keynote Speaker & Past Scholarship Recipient, Dr. Kalonji Cole | Omari Dickens Photography 
The ElevateMeD Scholars with David Ortega | Omari Dickens Photography 
 ElevateMeD Scholars with Founder, Dr. Alyx Porter & Dr. Gregory Porter | Omari Dickens Photography  
The Scene | Omari Dickens Photography 

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