The Barrow Women’s Board Grand Ball Raises $9.9M for Research and Life-Saving Treatments

The Women’s Board of Barrow Neurological Foundation hosted its annual Grand Ball on Jan. 20, 2024, at the Arizona Biltmore. 

Event Co-Chairs: Kathy Munson & Carrie Hulburd

Dollars Raised: $9.9 million

Entertainment: The Hamptons Band

Notable Moments: Each year, the Barrow Women’s Board raises funds to support research in areas like stroke, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, diabetes, neuro-rehabilitation, concussion, neuromodulation, neuroimaging, headache, brain tumors, spinal disorders and much more. This year, the organization selected the Barrow Department of ENT and Skull Base Surgery: Hearing Health Science Program as its 2024 Woman’s Board Project – an initiative to spotlight research and advancements being done through Barrow. The evening was filled with celebration, dancing and good cheer!   

Photos courtesy of Jared Platt, Plat Photography 

Mary Ellen McKee, Sandy Magruder, Judy Hewson & Sandy Hecomovich
Jacquie Dorrance with Barrow CEO & president Dr. Michael Lawton
Mike & Katie Mueller
Ron Eriksson & Nancy Hanley Eriksson
Dionne Najafi, Cathy Kleeman & Pat Petznick Wick
Dr. Chris Howard & Barbara Howard
Judy & Gary Edens
Shane & Kristine Thompson with Mac & Sandy Magruder
Michelle Kerrick & David Rousseau
Rupert Russell, Dr. Kerry Knievel, Dr. Shawn Stevens & Gina Stevens
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