Annual CALA Alliance ‘Sabor’ Culinary Experience Features the Flavors of Puerto Rico

The Event: Sabor – Celebrating the Flavors of Puerto Rico

The Cause: CALA Alliance

Event Date: October 20, 2022

Location: The Phoenix Zoo

Entertainment: Michelle Ponce & DJ CRVNT3S

The Food: Puerto Rican chef Mario Pagán created a one-night-only menu inspired by the regional ingredients and culinary traditions of Puerto Rico. The exquisite five-course meal included sweet plantain rolls, yuca mofongo with seasoned hake and adobo seasoned pig terrine.

Notable Moments: Spirits were high at Sabor as guests savored each course of the exquisite meal. Held in the Neely Center at the Phoenix Zoo, CALA Alliance recognized its first Sabor Honorees. The organization honored Ruben Alvarez, Myra Millinger, Margie Emmermann, José A. Cárdenas and Grady Gammage Jr. as founding members of CALA Alliance. Each has demonstrated their commitment to the organization and our community.

Photos provided by CALA Alliance

Brittany Corrales & Daniel Cifuentes
Maria & Tom Englert
Andrew, Kathy, Jeff & Collin Reed
Chef Mario Pagan & Alana Hernandez
Silvia Avila, Diali Avila, Jessica Valiente & Nuvia Enriquez
Roxanne, Alana & Gregory Hernandez
The Scene with Dagoberto Bailon 

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