65th Heart Ball Committee Kicks Off, Celebrates Traditions

2024 Heart Ball Leadership Team: Sweetheart Kimberly Afkhami, Vice Chairman DeeDee Vecchione, Chairman Pamela Risoleo, Vice Chairman Diane O’Malley, Honorary Chairman Laurie Florkiewicz & Chairman-Elect Patricia Watts

The Phoenix Heart Ball Committee of nearly 150 women gathered at Saks Fifth Avenue on Feb. 15, 2024, to begin their fundraising efforts in support of the American Heart Association (AHA). Their dedication to raising heart disease prevention awareness and funds for research will tie into the 100th anniversary of the AHA.

Heart Ball Chairman: Pamela Risoleo

Honorary Chairmen: Laurie & Budd Florkiewicz

Fashion Show: Saks Fifth Avenue

Décor & Florals: White House Design Studio

Breakfast: Robert’s Catering

Notable Moments: Per tradition, several elements of the 2024 Heart Ball were announced to the committee at the annual kick-off event. This included the reveal of the ball color scheme of red, sky blue and gold. The 2024 leadership team led the program, and the surprise of the day was the past Heart Ball Chairmen, who serve as advisors, walking in the beautiful fashion show. All enjoyed the spring trends presented, including nautical-inspired daywear, classic gowns and floral patterns. Cheers to 65 years of tradition! 

Photos courtesy of Scott Foust Studios

Robin Andrews, Sue Fletcher, Lee Courtney, Marilyn Alexander, Natalie Gaylord, Amy Hair & Julie DeTienne
Allie Brenner, Mara Schantz, Kristin Hartman & Ilaria Borden
Sherri Quinn, Eileen Yeung, Vicki Vaughn, Donna Hicks & Carolyn Sanseverino Ross
Priscilla Nicholas, Linda Saunders, Charlene Berge-Blum, Rebecca Cohen-Collins, Jamie Hormel, Libby Cohen & Cheryl Nocifera
Victoria Admire, Pamela Risoleo, Juliet Burgess & Brooke Levy
Ashlyn Rowe, Caroline Conner & Abby Leadon
Stephanie Vartughian, Bonnie Brovitz & Natalie Moyes
Traci Chandler, Kimberly Jacobsen & Andrea Tyler Evans
“Best of Saks” Spring Fashion Show

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