2024 Board of Visitors Flower Girls Presented at 109th Charity Ball

The Board of Visitors hosted the 109th Annual Charity Ball on April 6, 2024, at the JW Marriott Camelback Scottsdale Resort, where the 2024 Flower Girls were presented to the community.

2024 Charity Ball Chair: Betsy Moore | Board Chairman: Pam Kolbe

Decor & Flowers: White House Design Studios

Entertainment: The Hamptons

The 2024 Flower Girls: Brett Emilia Arthur, Elizabeth Grace Beaver, Ann Taylor Black, Briella Maria Boubek, Lucy Evelyn Brink, Natalie Noel Brooks, Capri JoAnn Cadwell, Lauren McRae Campbell, Grace Clark Campbell, Elizabeth Jayne Church, Andrea Jean Cobb, Emma Grace DelGhiaccio, Catherine Mary Dunn, Alexia Estrada, Chloe Elizabeth Fox, Liliana Olivia Frakes, Mackenzie Jane Garlick, Abigail Kathleen Gliss, Valentina Maria Gomez del Campo, McLean Elizabeth Grimes, Eleanor Hanan Halaby, Katherine Elizabeth Hauptman, Reagan Christine Hunter, Kyle Lillie Kinkel, Annamaria Lucia La Sota, Allison Grace Logan, Zoe Lopez, Katherine Grace, Lum Lung, Caroline Grace Lunt, Paige Therese Maher, Marlee Anne McCloskey, Lane McKinley Pearl, Ellie Kathleen Pompay, Francesca Ann Raffa, Lauren Kay Ragan, Anne Kathryn Rowe, Livia Jeanne Samuel, Audrey Marguerite Schaub, Charlotte Henry Spetzler, Ann Marie Spiekerman, Katherine Jean Warren and Alexandra Michelle Zastrow

Notable Moments: The beautiful evening started on the Camelback Inn patio, where the 2024 Flower Girls greeted guests and passed out boutonnières to the gentlemen clad in black tie attire. As the sun started to set, all were escorted to the presentation area, where all 41 young women walked down the beautiful white aisle by their father. Following the presentation, the stunning ballroom was revealed for dinner, the Flower Girls entered with the traditional Daisy Chain, and attendees danced and grooved to The Hamptons band for the rest of the night. 

Photos courtesy of Scott Foust Studios

Emily & Sam Fox, Christie & Brian Frakes and Katie & Alex Clark
Nancy Bates, Sarah Gallagher, Andrew Haley & Kari Denk
Benjamin, Donna, Natalie & Julie Brooks
Jason Kuhl with Deg & Christy Davies
Judy Wentworth, Jimmy Bayless, Anne Burns & John Wentworth
Stefan Asher & Emma DelGhiaccio
Sonya La Sota & Teal Trujillo
Anne Marie & Tim Schaub, Audrey Schaub, Linda Gruber, Benjamin Schaub & Frank Gruber
Eileen Churosh & Katie Hendricks
Macy, Susie, Mike, Kenzie & Ryan Garlick
Laney Pearl & Deg Davies
Reagan Hunter & Chris Hunter
Chloe Fox & Sam Fox
Ed & Karen Winkler
Kim Hickey & Kristi Spiekerman
Dr. Nick Theodore, Drew Smith & David Kolbe
Chess Raffa, Ellie Pompay, Lily Beaver & Lucy Brink
Briella Boubek & Brian Boubek
Peter McClosky & Marlee McClosky
Andrew Halaby & Ellie Halaby
Chess Raffa & John Raffa
Tim Jones, Mike Warren, Mark Bland & Jeff Moloznik
Amy Raffa, Molly Lewis, Liz Frakes & Megan Kuhl

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