Pro Tip of the Month: Innovation Is Valuable

This month’s tip comes courtesy of Katherine Cecala, the president of Junior Achievement of Arizona

“Many organizations say they value ideation and innovation, and then are quick to discard ideas put forward. Nothing kills innovation faster than feeling like one’s contribution isn’t valued. As a leader, never underestimate how invested teammates and partners are in the ideas they contribute. If someone is willing to approach you with an idea, listen and give it space to be considered. They’ve likely considered it for some time and have already pondered how and to what you might react. Some of the best ideas come from your employees, board members or volunteers — and we should celebrate when they do! As a nonprofit, it’s about coming together to achieve our mission, improve our organization and have a bigger impact. By celebrating the ideas that move toward those goals (in words and action), we continue to engage the people critical to our shared success.”

Junior Achievement of Arizona empowers the next generation to succeed by teaching them how to manage their money, be ready to enter the workforce and to think innovatively. For more behind this Frontdoor, visit

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