Stanton Promotes Anti-Bullying Legislation

Nicole Stanton is striking out against bullying.


The successful litigation attorney and wife of Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton is working to pass legislation that would mandate schools to provide anti-bullying training to both students and administration.


She presented her views Jan. 17 at a YWCA Maricopa County Women’s Empowerment luncheon at the Ritz-Carlton Phoenix, an event sponsored by Magellan Health Services.


Stanton recalled her own experiences with bullying during the presentation, specifically the bullying her brother endured during his teen years. She was able to witness first-hand the effects bullying can have on a person and is dedicated to ensuring all Phoenix students are provided an environment where they can learn without the fear of being bullied.


Stanton provided attendees important information about how to define bullying, how to tell when someone is being bullied, what to do when your child is bullied and what schools can do to prevent bullying. She urged parents to take an active role in their children’s lives by being present, persistent and patient when it comes to bullying. She made it clear that bullying changes not only the future of the victim but also the future of the bully.


In addition to providing anti-bullying training, the legislation Stanton proposes would also mandate that parents be notified if their child becomes a victim of bullying.


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Photo at top: Dana Campbell Saylor, CEO YWCA Maricopa County; Nicole Stanton; and Catherine Scrivano, YWCA Maricopa County board chair

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