Mary Lou Stevenson

Mary Lou Stevenson passed away May 16, 2012, at her home in Princeton, N.J.  Born in Texas City, Texas, she divided her time between Phoenix and Princeton.


She was the author of two books, a biography, Lady Gregory: The Woman Behind the Irish Renaissance, and a fictitious parody, What's Really Important in Princeton, chronicling her and her friends’ absurdist adventures.


She was a lover of the desert, flowers and art, and fought for women's rights. Her philanthropic interests included the Audubon Society, Desert Botanical Garden and Planned Parenthood. She helped with micro-finance loans to women in Bolivia, and traveled to see their effects in action. She would volunteer for many causes she thought worthy, including the Princeton Public Library and The Heard Museum in Phoenix.


She entertained herself with a multitude of pastimes, some for profit and others for sheer pleasure. She made many friends in both Princeton and Phoenix through T'ai-chi and meditation. She was an avid real-estate investor and part-time English teacher. She also taught herself Spanish and Chinese (with the aid of some friends). She was non-religious, but exceptionally spiritual; picking what worked for her from a wide range of disciplines. She was open to all, from the Christian Bible to the I Ching (The Book of Changes) to the Tibetan Book of the Dead. She left us ready and curious for what lay beyond.

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