Cleo Beth Mundy Quick

Cleo Beth Mundy was born Oct. 31, 1915, in Plymouth, Mich., and passed away April 12, 2012. Cleo moved from Plymouth to Phoenix in 1921 with her parents and her young brother and never returned to Michigan.


She began her school years at Emerson Grammar School and graduated from Osborn Grammar School. Her attendance at Phoenix Union High from 1930 through 1933 included an opportunity to meet her future husband. After her graduation in November 1934, she married Glenn E. Quick Sr., and their happy relationship lasted 56 years.


Cleo resided all her adult life in Phoenix, although she spent at least 50 years enjoying long summers in the beautiful White Mountains of Arizona.


As a very kind and giving person, Cleo spent most of her waking hours with numerous friends at social or civic events. She always seemed to find the time and energy for someone in need.


Cleo developed great loyalty for the Phoenix community throughout her life. She was quite proud to be a founder of the Phoenix Zoo, the Phoenix Woman's Club and the White Mountain Country Club  in Pinetop, Ariz. Her support of the Heard Museum, Phoenix Art Museum and the Phoenix Symphony will be long remembered.


For more than 40 years, most of Cleo's social life evolved around three country clubs – Phoenix Country Club, White Mountain Country Club and Pinetop Country Club. She sought opportunities for involvement, from simple family picnics to active dancing at the Barrow Grand Ball. At times her aggressive social life exhausted her husband.


Cleo had a particular passion for her garden clubs and beautiful flowers. She was chosen as a judge for several national flower shows.


Music of all kinds gave Cleo great joy and many chances to motivate new dancing partners. The fact that her father and brother were both fine musicians – establishing Charley Mundy's Rag Time Band – enhanced her lifelong appreciation for lively music. 

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