Children’s Museum Receives Grant

The Children's Museum of Phoenix has received a $150,000 grant from UnitedHealthcare to fund an initiative focused on improving the health habits of young children and their caregivers.


The grant will fund the UnitedHealthcare Healthy Children Program at the museum, which will include 150 health and wellness workshops such as hands-on projects and onsite training to health-care professionals and others who work with children.


“The Children’s Museum of Phoenix has an opportunity and responsibility to influence the wellness of the youth who visit the museum,” says Deb Gilpin, president and CEO of the museum. “With this support from UnitedHealthcare, we can help children establish healthy habits through positive, fun experiences that empower them to make good choices for their bodies and minds.”


The Noodle Forest at the Children's Museum of Phoenix is a kid-tested favorite.


The program will include:


  • Hands-on activities about how the body works, how to create healthy habits at a young age and optimal nutrition for brain and body function
  • Brain development training workshops for caregivers using best-practice curriculum developed by New Directions Institute
  • Childhood obesity prevention workshops
  • Yoga and physical activity programs
  • Workshops delivered by Arizona State University nursing students in a range of health topics
  • Water, fire and other safety topics
  • Children-development workshops for caregivers and educators

Children’s Museum of Phoenix


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