Carole Neuer

With the passing of Carole Neuer on Dec. 10, 2011, her family lost a loving mother, wife and friend. The world lost a radiant and beautiful woman whose legacy endures in the hearts of the many people whose lives she touched.


Born in Kansas City, Mo., to Bill and Lucy Allmon on Dec. 9, 1941, Carole moved with her family to Arizona in 1948. A graduate of West High School in Phoenix, she received an Associate of the Arts degree from Phoenix College in 1961, the same year she met her husband and companion-for-life, David Neuer.


Carole and David married July 2, 1962. Their 49-year union produced two daughters and four grandchildren She later worked as a real estate agent and was a top seller and regular member of the million dollar sales club.


Carole’s life was a constant reminder of the importance of sharing the blessings we enjoy and contributing in meaningful ways to the community. Warm, gregarious, and plucky, Carole was a human dynamo with a searing sense of humor, an unrelenting devotion to justice and an insatiable appetite for life. With great courage and strength, she confronted life's challenges with humor and grace. 

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