Bruce Dayton

Bruce Dayton passed away Oct. 22, 2011. He was born. Nov. 30, 1929.


A native Californian, Bruce raised a family in the San Francisco Bay Area and eventually settled in Paradise Valley, Ariz. He graduated from Dartmouth College, joined the navy, and became a master of international trade.


After retirement, he engaged in philanthropic endeavors based at the Phoenix Arcadia Rotary Club and was named Rotarian-of-the-Year.


He helped orchestrate equipping a hospital in Central America with a whole set of modern diagnostic tools that improved health care for all in the vicinity.


Lifelong hobbies included playing bridge, horseback riding, fly fishing and tinkering with broken appliances (that he usually repaired). He also liked bodysurfing, the old-fashioned way, fingers out-stretched, and hiking in the forest.


Bruce left fond memories, boosted by his supportive and outgoing nature, his appreciation of animals and lightness of touch. If paths crossed, you may have noticed the famous twinkle in his eye, his love for a chat with a pretty girl, and the rare level of respect he had for almost anyone he'd meet. Bruce travelled on virtually all seas and continents, from one end to the other, with joy in experiencing life's diversity. He will be dearly missed by his wife and fellow world traveler, Mary Ed Bol, by children and grandchildren, and their circles of friends.

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