The Singletons Receive Transformational Grant 

The Singletons, a nonprofit that serves the needs of single-parent families battling cancer, received a significant donation from the Diane and Bruce Halle Foundation. This generous gift, which grants the Halle Foundation naming rights, will help support a new parking lot, upgrades to the Singletons’ kitchen and expanded youth programs.

“We are extraordinarily grateful for the continued support from the Diane and Bruce Halle Foundation,” said Jody Boyd, founder and executive director of The Singletons. “The generous support allows us not only to build a parking lot or enhance our kitchen but to extend our arms wider for the families we serve.

The donation will facilitate the construction of a much-needed parking lot, ensuring improved accessibility and convenience for visiting families. Upgrading the kitchen facilities will enhance the organization’s ability to provide nutritious meals and essential culinary resources to families during their challenging journeys. The gift will also aid in expanding and enriching youth-focused initiatives, such as Beyond Books and Healing Harvest, which provide the children in the organization with life skills such as financial planning, gardening and clothing repair.

“We are honored to stand shoulder to shoulder with The Singletons in their unwavering commitment to single-parent families facing the challenges of cancer. We champion the belief that every individual and community deserve opportunities, particularly those navigating adversity,” said Tom Egan, executive director for the Diane and Bruce Halle Foundation.

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