Sprouts Farmers Market Celebrates 5M Meals Donated

Headquartered in Phoenix, Sprouts Farmers Market provides customers with an easy and convenient way to make a big impact in their local communities through its Grab & Give food donation drive.

In partnership with customers, Sprouts has donated more than five million meals to food banks through the Grab & Give program, including over 650,000 meals in Arizona over the last six years.

Through the program, Sprouts customers can purchase pre-packed bags for $12.99 that include nonperishable items such as cereal, fruit snacks, nutrition bars and more. Sprouts gives the bags to local hunger relief agencies in the community, expanding access to healthier food. The Grab & Give program is running through the end of December.

“We’re proud to partner with our customers to support people in need in our communities,” said Brandon Lombardi, chief sustainability officer of Sprouts. “Our customers have made an incredible impact over the years through their support of the Grab & Give drive.”

Sprouts’ Grab & Give food drive is part of the company’s broader Food Rescue program, which is ongoing throughout the year. Each store donates groceries that are no longer fit for sale but remain perfectly edible to a network of food banks that provide wholesome food to local families and individuals who are food insecure. Sprouts works with over 400 food banks, pantries and partners across the country. Since the inception of the Food Rescue program, Sprouts stores have donated over 200 million pounds of food across the U.S., which equates to over 170 million meals.

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