New Teen Program at New Pathways

New Pathways for Youth has given its signature teen program an identity of its own.

This week, the nonprofit launched “Level Up,” which the organization believes represents what the program is about, as well as the unique impact it has on the lives of youth and mentors.

The name comes after conducting focus groups with New Pathways youth to better understand what aspects of the program resonate with them the most. The organization then went through an intentional creative development process to develop a new name, tagline and visual identity that felt authentic to the program and the extraordinary youth who participate in it. They also wanted to make sure the messaging and visual components of that name were cohesive and aligned with New Pathways’ core brand.

Level Up is all about giving Phoenix-area youth in grades 8-11 the support, stability and skills they need to harness their power, choose their own path, and level up their lives. With this new look and identity, New Pathways for Youth looks forward to taking its impact to the next level and helping even more youth in our community reach their full potential.

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