Literary Society of the Southwest Announces 2023 Grants

Literacy changes lives, playing a vital role in transforming children and adults. Recognizing this, members of the Literary Society of the Southwest extend their personal enrichment from reading to enriching others.

The Literary Society supports programs where children and adults engage with the written word, authors and other readers in everyday life. The group exceeded this year’s $25,000 Literacy Grant Challenge, raising more than $31,000, allowing the Society to give $56,825 in grants to literacy programs in our community. The following organizations were named the recipients:

  • A Stepping Stone Foundation
  • Chinle Planting Hope
  • Family Promise
  • Gabriel’s Angels
  • Literacy Connects
  • Read Better Be Better
  • Valleywise Health Foundation

The Literary Society has granted over $300,000 to nonprofit literacy programs in Arizona. In the last two years, its members raised additional funds for its literacy mission, allowing the organization to more than double its grantmaking each year, supporting literacy programs and connecting families and children to the many benefits and joys of reading.

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