Key to Strength: Arizona Facial Plastics Partners with Sojourner Center to Empower Women in Need

Key to Strength is a fundraising initiative created locally by Charity Charms in partnership with Frontdoors Media & that pairs corporations with local nonprofits to not only raise crucial funds but share the mission of the organization with the community.

We interviewed Felicia Taghizadeh, co-owner and CEO of Arizona Facial Plastics, about this special partnership during Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

FD: What is your giving mission at Arizona Facial Plastics

FT: We believe that how you see yourself impacts your confidence and ability to change your life. When you look in the mirror, you might see scars, wrinkles or colors that weren’t always there, and that might make you happy or sad. How you feel about yourself impacts how you show up in life, so our goal is to help you feel your best when you look in the mirror.

Felicia Taghizadeh

Our giving mission at Arizona Facial Plastics is to help women who have suffered abuse regain their confidence by erasing the visible scars that domestic violence can leave. When you are constantly reminded of hurtful and damaging events by physical scars, it can be almost impossible to create a new life. Through advanced technologies, we can help erase those scars.  As physical and emotional scars fade, women are better able to move forward in their new lives with confidence and peace. 

FD: How does Arizona Facial Plastics work with nonprofits

FT: Our partnership with Sojourner Center is our first nonprofit partnership. We have been open in the Valley for four years and are excited to give back to our community by doing what we do best — enhance beauty in a natural and gentle way. Our clients are the most kind-hearted, funny and down-to-earth people, so I am excited to present them with an opportunity to make a difference. For every donation to Sojourner, clients will receive credit toward a future treatment. This truly makes it a win-win for Sojourner Center and my amazing clients.

FD: What does it mean to you to be supporting Sojourner Center at this time?

FT: Supporting Sojourner Center makes me feel enormous gratitude to my clients, my hardworking team, and all the people who have helped grow Arizona Facial Plastics. It hasn’t been easy for us to grow so quickly, and yet we have done it by staying true to our values of education, laughter, honesty and growth. To be in a position where we can give back is fulfilling, because making a difference in the lives of others is what we are all about. To do that for women who have suffered abuse and are transforming their lives is incredibly special.

FD: How else is Arizona Facial Plastics supporting nonprofits during this challenging time?

FT: As a business, we are very focused on supporting our local community. We have participated in packing boxes of food for local charities, and use local vendors as much as possible. When we support small business, we make a real difference in our community by keeping people employed and more of our dollars in the community.

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