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Claudia Wright

Claudia Wright

Claudia Wright came to me almost 20 years ago, bright, blue-eyed and quick as lightning. She leaves the same way.

My husband had worked with Claudia and kept telling me, “Jewels, this gal is smart. You need to talk to her!” I was the mother of a five-year old. Running a newspaper out of my garage, I was less than a titan of the print world. Adding another person to my shaky team was something I did not have the energy for.
After quite a bit of cajoling, we met for lunch at Ajo Al’s over Mexican pizza. She was so much smarter than me, funnier than me and had much bigger, we’ll say “force of character,” than me. It was love at first sight.
Claudia joined our team and immediately showed me new ways to think, cope, grow and have fun. We laughed until we cried and over the years we have cried until we laughed. She has been the keeper of my truth at times when I didn’t even know what it actually was.
This April, as spring moves us into another season, Claudia is blooming as well. She will be going back to school full-time to pursue a degree in nursing. Always my personal healer, this is the best thing that could happen to us all. Claudia is a stalwart woman of tremendous compassion and strength. It is about time we share her with the world that so dearly needs menders of spirit and body.
As word of Claudia’s new challenge has reached our community, wonderful messages of encouragement have come our way. However, the best of all must be from our dear friend Minister Phillip Waring. He told me that his only regret in wishing Claudia well is the thought that she could someday see him naked. I think this is marvelous!
But, when I think about it, Claudia Wright has seen me naked all along. Understanding my faults, limitations, fears and failures, she never looked away or lost her compassion. She has indeed extended her gift of healing to me and my family.
Now, dear Claudia, go forth and heal those who have need. They will be redeemed with your unboundless humor, bright eyes and jaunty step. And, if you find yourself looking up into those soulful eyes from your hospital bed, know that you are in the best hands.
From the Heart …
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