Ballet Arizona Receives $2M Legacy Gift

The cast of “Moving Movies”

Ballet Arizona, the Valley’s only professional ballet company, recently announced that it received a $2 million gift from the estate of Dr. Amy Barmeier Dru. The endowment will fund both long- and short-term programs such as live music accompaniment, expansion of educational services and community engagement initiatives.

The gift will also support the world premiere of “Moving Movies,” a unique, old Hollywood-inspired production set to scores from famous films like “La Dolce Vita,” “West Side Story” and more, premiering in February.

Dr. Dru, who passed away in 2021, had many passions, including tap dancing, which she practiced on the hardwood floor in her living room to get the best sound. “Mom always said she wanted to come back as a ballet dancer in her next life,” said her son, Dr. Christopher Dru. “I hope this donation helps to make her dream a reality for young men and women in the Valley.”

“On behalf of the entire organization, we are humbled to receive this incredible gift from an even more incredible individual,” said Ballet Arizona’s executive director, Jami Kozemczak. “Amy was an extraordinary and tenacious individual with a generous and courageous heart. This is a transformational gift to our organization and I am reminded of her often, as we put forward visionary plans aimed for the stars. We have a bright future ahead thanks to people like her. Our gratitude for Amy and her forward-thinking generosity is beyond compare.”

Ballet Arizona’s mission is to create, perform and teach outstanding classical and contemporary ballet. The company is dedicated to preserving and celebrating classical dance while creating and commissioning new innovative works.

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