Babbo Italian Eatery Raises Funds for Cancer Research

Baseball for Babbo, a Day of Giving this month, hit a home run for cancer research. The event raised $153,868 for cancer research — almost $4,000 more than the goal of $150,000. The funds are 100 percent of the profits that Babbo, a local family-owned restaurant, made that day at eight locations, all gifted to The Seena Magowitz Foundation for life-saving clinical cancer studies.

Babbo means ‘dad’ in Italian, and it was Babbo Italian Eatery founder and father Ken Pollack who lost his battle with pancreatic cancer in December 2022. To honor his legacy, Babbo forged this day of giving in memory of Pollack, who was a passionate baseball fan.

“We were hopeful about the outcome, but seeing the community go out of their way to support my family as well as the greater cause left a memorable impact,” said Babbo marketing director Taylor Schultz. “The results of the event are a testament to my father’s legacy as well as a reminder of the strength of our community when we come together.”

Pancreatic cancer is the third leading cause of cancer deaths, with an average five-year survival rate. The Seena Magowitz Foundation aims to defeat pancreatic cancer, maximize awareness and extend the quality of life for pancreatic cancer patients.

“We are overwhelmed by the results of just one day of giving,” said Roger Magowitz, founder and CEO of The Seena Magowitz Foundation. “We thank Babbo Italian Eatery for their commitment to raise funds for pancreatic cancer research, so we can continue to fuel some of the brightest, most innovative minds in medical science.”

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