AZ Impact for Good Officially Launches

AZ Impact for Good, formerly known as the Alliance of Arizona Nonprofits + Arizona Grantmakers Forum, announced the culmination of an extensive yearlong rebranding endeavor. The transformation harmonizes the core tenets of the merged entities, propelling a rejuvenated commitment to elevate and empower the nonprofit and philanthropic sectors throughout Arizona.

“Today marks a milestone we’ve been ardently working toward,” said Kristen Wilson, the CEO of AZ Impact for Good. “Our reinvigorated vision paints a tapestry of a vibrant and equitable Arizona, a haven where all people and living things thrive. Our new mission stands as a beacon: to unite nonprofits and philanthropy, catalyzing Arizona’s transformation through education, advocacy and innovation.”

AZ Impact for Good’s fresh identity resonates through its logo, tagline, vision, mission statement and strategic messaging. The imminent release of a comprehensive brand guidelines compendium will offer an immersive dive into the brand essence, ensuring seamless integration for members, non-members and partners.

“Our strategic priorities are to build a statewide network, amplify the sector’s voice and lead collaborations among funders and nonprofits,” said Jennifer Purcell, chief impact officer of AZ Impact for Good. “We completed an extensive and thoughtful process that included many stakeholder meetings, think tanks and surveys conducted by the Membership Integration team. The thousands of pieces of information gleaned from these touchpoints were then summarized and used by a board committee to draft the mission, vision, values and strategic goals with input from staff as well. Then, that information was taken to the board to review, discuss and vote on.”

Symbolism encapsulates the essence of the new identity. The vibrant green is an ode to sustainability and renewal, while the striking red embodies the high-impact and far-reaching vitality that drives cooperative efforts between nonprofit entities and grant-giving organizations. The golden hue, a beacon of transformation, speaks to the change catalyzed through education, advocacy and innovation.

“We are proud to represent the tireless nonprofit and philanthropic professionals who strengthen Arizona communities,” said Laurie Liles, chief public policy officer of AZ Impact for Good.

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