Arizona Diaper Bank Distributes Essential Hygiene Products to Local Families in Need

This week, Arizona Diaper Bank distributed more than 121,000 diapers, wipes, period products and bed pads to 12 nonprofit partner agencies such as Harvest Compassion Center, Nourish PHX, Arizona Baptist Children’s Services and more. Employees from Elontec, a local office furniture and technology business, helped pack the orders. After this distribution, the Arizona Diaper Bank has distributed 726,208 products across the Valley in 2022.

The Arizona Diaper Bank (formerly known as the Diaper Bank of Central Arizona and the Diaper Bank of Southern Arizona) is the only dedicated Diaper Bank in Maricopa County. Their mission is to promote dignity through community partnerships by making diapers, period products and incontinence supplies accessible. By working with 21 established nonprofits in the community, the Diaper Bank ensures these essential hygiene supplies are not only getting into the hands of Arizona’s most at-risk families but also ensures that those families and individuals are receiving wrap-around services from credible partner agencies.

According to the National Diaper Bank Network, 1 in 3 U.S. families struggles to afford enough diapers to keep their children clean and healthy. Of those families, 60 percent of parents have missed work or school because they did not have enough diapers for daycare. An insufficient supply of diapers increases a baby’s risk for diaper rash, infection and abuse. Additionally, over one-third of low-income women report missing work, school or similar events due to lack of access to period supplies. Menstruators who cannot afford period products may resort to using substitute products such as toilet paper, socks, newspaper, plastic bags or clothing. Federal programs like SNAP and WIC do not provide support in purchasing essential hygiene products such as diapers, wipes and period products.

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