79-Year-Old Guinness World Record Holder Raising Funds for Homeless Families + Veterans

Bob Kurtz

Professional golfer Bob Kurtz is teaming up with A New Leaf and TopGolf Scottsdale to raise funds for homeless families and veterans. On March 25, from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., Kurtz will attempt a Guinness World Record by hitting 1,000 drives in 12 hours. He already holds several world records for golf marathons and golf endurance marks.

To count toward the goal of 1,000, each drive must travel a minimum of 200 yards and stay within a 40-yard grid. Pledges per completed drive will support A New Leaf in its mission to provide essential items and increase housing opportunities for homeless families and veterans in the Valley.

“The Ironman 1000 is one of the most challenging records I have ever attempted,” Kurtz said. “In preparation for the event, I have been building up my endurance by spending several hours each day for more than two months on the driving range at Ancala Country Club. Not only does this challenge demand endurance (12 hours straight), but it also requires skill, as every drive must travel a minimum of 200 yards and land within a certain yard grid to count toward the record. Pursuing records like this keeps me in shape and provides a great challenge. Plus I know that the money raised will be used to support families facing crisis during the pandemic here in the Valley.”

In October, A New Leaf will celebrate its 50th year serving the Valley. The nonprofit was originally founded as Prehab of Arizona in 1971 in Mesa, Arizona, with services focused on prevention and rehabilitation for children with behavioral health challenges. The organization grew by establishing programs addressing gaps in services in the community, and eventually rebranded to A New Leaf. In 2020, A New Leaf served nearly 40,000 families and individuals across the Valley with behavioral health, housing and shelter, sexual and domestic violence services, education, financial empowerment and foster care.

To learn more, visit turnanewleaf.org/ironman1000 or turnanewleaf.org.

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