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Come on in and stay a while. For nearly two decades, Amy Yount’s clients have. Yount — the owner and mastermind behind Amy Atelier — is well known for her fashion-forward women’s and men’s boutiques in Scottsdale. However, it is her reputation for curating fashion experiences for clients nationwide that distinguishes Yount as a celebrated force in the industry.

A natural-born creative, Yount began her career in L.A. and New York, where she worked for various luxury brands and attended the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising and the Fashion Institute of Technology. Recognizing an opportunity to bring boutique shopping to the Valley, Yount opened her first retail space at Biltmore Fashion Park in 2005. Since then, she has enjoyed success and longevity in a competitive market by keeping her customers at the forefront of every business decision she makes.

Coupled with expertise in technical details for fashion merchandising and a keen entrepreneurial business spirit, Yount has pivoted changes in the industry well. She credits her success to remaining authentic to who she is while evolving so that she can serve her clients in the best possible way.  

“At the end of the day, I am offering a service,” Yount said. “My clients are who I am buying for, the aesthetic of the boutique and its design is for my clients. Relationships with my clients are paramount and allow me to tell their story. It’s not about what’s trendy but rather, how I incorporate aspects of current trends to make my clients shine and feel their best.” 

Authentic Inspirations

True to her approach, Yount pulls inspiration from the art world when creating looks in all areas of her life, such as her new home. Yount’s approach to decorating is identical to how she approaches styling her clients. She is drawn to artists and creators who mix prints and textures by not following an aesthetic that isn’t their own and, instead, shake things up by blending classic and modern combinations that spark joy, versus what is currently popular.

“With the capability to see an abundance of images through social media, I’m constantly wanting to update my home, my style and travel to new places. I feel artists are under constant pressure to create newness, and fashion is like that too. But I definitely feel most fulfilled when I hone in on a sense of style and own it for a while,” Yount said. “I feel this is what creates true identity and individuality. The best artists and social media fashion bloggers stick with their aesthetic even under pressure to change.”

One aspect that has remained unchanged for Yount is her talent for maintaining long-lasting relationships with her clients while growing her business. A few years ago, Yount opened two contemporary boutiques in Old Town Scottsdale. Setting the tone for the ultimate fashion experience before stepping foot into the stores, Amy Atelier and Man Atelier draw attention from East Stetson Drive with welcoming, come-hither appeal.

The women’s 2,000-square-foot space opened in fall 2020 and was designed to showcase more than seasonable clothing and accessories. Creating intentional areas for personal attention, business functionality and sections to mingle while sipping rosé all day were integral parts of the buildout. Clean white, cream and gray neutrals complement metal fixtures oriented in an eclectic way, allowing the merchandise to take center stage. The emerald green lounge area highlights the glam side of Yount’s style, while wallpaper and black-and-white tile accents provide a classic vibe.

Situated close by, the Men’s Atelier is an intimate space featuring timeless men’s contemporary sportswear. Masculine design elements create an approachable feel suited to ease of shopping and numerous styling options.

Giving Amy 

Aside from Yount’s discerning business sense and je ne sais quoi when it comes to style, she strives to educate her clientele on collecting elevated pieces that transcend trends and live among their wardrobe capsules for years. Yount’s most coveted clothing item is a jacket. Versatile and suitable for all ages, she recommends investing in this fashion must-have. She says it’s how you wear a jacket that makes it the most enviable item in her closet. 

As for what’s a current, go-to look today, Yount advises mixing old with new and giving an element of unexpectedness when it comes to pulling an outfit together. “A feminine piece like a dress paired with a refined combat boot is a great combination. Again, it’s all in how you wear it that transforms a classic piece into a modern but personal look.” 

Yount is excited about the future and the myriad brands and designers producing great work but recognizes that staying true to who she is will always be her North Star. As the fashion expert has gleaned through years of experience in her career and life, “You can’t accomplish authenticity in style by dressing for someone else.”

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