Open Doors: Come On!

This phrase is used by my new friend Phil Rosenthal, the host of the Netflix program “Somebody Feed Phil” and the creator of “Everybody Loves Raymond.” (He’s not really my friend, but I feel like he is after recently binging his global food series.) Phil utters the phrase “Come on!” in episode one, season one, as he visits Bangkok, Thailand, and tastes various street food throughout the city. Phil says, “Come on!” with joy every time he tastes something better than he’s had before or the best version of that food, and includes a fervent fist pump as well.

I have decided to make this my theme as we go into 2021: Come on! As I write this, two COVID vaccines have been approved and are in the process of being delivered to frontline workers throughout Arizona. Things are happening; the devastating loss of life may finally succumb to science and technology. Several nonprofits have reached out with plans to have in-person aspects of their events (cautiously) come April. This does NOT mean virtual events are going away — and they shouldn’t! — but hybrid events with in-person and online options are coming our way. Heck, we are looking at all of these options for our own signature event, Society of Chairs, and will soon announce our plans.

For those of you who know me well, you know I live to be positive, hopeful and sunny to my core. The last 10 months have tested me more than you’ll ever know. But, darn it, COME ON! We can do this. Help is here. Some of us may need that last ounce of patience to get there, but we will get there and be able to help each other recover together in so many ways.

I am beyond proud of our philanthropic community when I look back at 2020. “Pivoting” became the part we never asked to play, but silver linings and lessons learned are everywhere. Funders made sure that the foundation of our nonprofits stayed intact at a minimum and helped others thrive as they were identified as essential services. I am amazed and yet not surprised by these stories of perseverance.

It is an honor to share the bits and pieces we are privy to every day. And to those unsung heroes who haven’t received the recognition they deserve, thank you. Thank you for doing what you do each and every day for our community. Our door is always open if you’d like to share.

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