Cheers to the Chair! Honoring Kristine McIver

Kristine McIver, November 2020 Honoree

Sing On September Chair benefiting Phoenix Boys Choir

How did you get involved with Phoenix Boys Choir?

When my son, Andrew, was almost 7, he read an ad for the Phoenix Boys Choir and told me he wanted to join. After his birthday, I set up an interview. Andrew was excited and insisted on wearing his tux. His audition was with the artistic director at the time, an older man with a European accent. Well, Andrew froze up and wasn’t able to sing as planned. So while he loved music already — and had initiated the whole thing — he was pretty upset that it didn’t go well. I told him it was good that he tried and to let me know when he was ready to try again. Sure enough, he was ready to try out when the next season rolled around. The rest is history!

Why do you support it?

I have continued to support the PBC long after Andrew graduated in 2014 because it is an amazing family-oriented organization that helps shape and strengthen the lives of the boys, their families, and our local community with its beautiful music and mission. Andrew’s Choir career lasted seven years, including two years with the Tour Choir. The experiences he had, including traveling to France and England one summer, and exploring the American Southwest and Pacific Northwest the second summer, were phenomenal opportunities for personal growth.

As a small nonprofit arts organization, the need for adult volunteers AND financial support never ends! However, the great memories and close friendships we have built while furthering this great cause make it all worthwhile.

Surprising fact about you: I am an identical twin.

Proudest accomplishment: Raising two amazing humans into adulthood.

Best advice you’ve ever received: Slow down, be quiet, and Just Do It!” Approaching my busy  life with this mindset — and actually doing it — is challenging, but it has absolutely made life better!

Favorite journey: Studying abroad in Sweden for six months during high school. Living abroad at 17, learning a new language, making lifelong friends and having a ton of highs (some lows, too) was a fantastic adventure.

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