Bookmarked: Sophie Allen-Etchart

Founder and CEO of Read Better Be Better 

“The Daughters of Erietown” by Connie Schultz

“This book was recommended to me by an intelligent and thoughtful friend and supporter of Read Better Be Better, so I immediately knew it was going to be good. It is a story that beautifully illustrates human complexities. While I usually might be someone who skips over the scenery, this book uses detail to create a powerful portrait of the characters. The story seems, at least in part, to be in the minute details of the characters and their context, and I love it. Reading this book now, more than ever, brings me joy because it makes you think beyond people being “good” or “bad.” Humans are beautifully nuanced — each and every one of us is perfectly imperfect, which is why we need each other. The opportunity and strength of our community are to seek, accept and encourage us to be our happiest, best selves.”

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