Bookmarked: Robert E. Kravet, MD, FACP, MACG

Robert E. Kravet, MD, FACP, MACG

Founder and curator of the Medical Museum at the University of Arizona College of Medicine – Phoenix, the only medical museum in the state


“Ten Lessons for a Post-Pandemic World” by Fareed Zakaria

His Take

“Fareed Zakaria is a well-known intellectual with an international affairs program on CNN and a weekly column in The Washington Post. Soon after the coronavirus pandemic began, he sat down each morning to think, research and write, not about the unfolding crisis but about how the world might look after it passed.

His newest book, ‘Ten Lessons for a Post-Pandemic World,’ calls the current pandemic the ‘most transformative event of our lifetimes,’ affecting almost every human on the planet.

“Zakaria has observed that our societies have transformed because of this virus, and the trajectory of the journey we are taking is becoming clear. COVID-19 has not just threatened lives but also political stability and the global economy. The pandemic will leave a legacy of high debt, displaced workers, growing inequality and lost trust. Zakaria brings a global perspective on various issues related to health, climate change, global economy and trade, government, technology and social equality. He has laid out ideas and solutions on how to move forward and to avoid future crises. A strong case is made for democracies to focus on the quality of government by analyzing how various countries handled the pandemic.

“Each of the 10 chapters summarizes a different lesson that we can and should consider to move forward. Zakaria offers a voice of logic, reason and level of understanding that are inspirational. The book should be a must-read for everyone.”

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